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Kim Jun (? - 1268) (김준) also known as Kim In-Jun or Musang was the ninth military leader who ruled during the late period of the Goryeo military regime.

Kim Jun
Military Leader of Goryeo
In office
MonarchGojong of Goryeo
Wonjong of Goryeo
Preceded byChoe Ui
Succeeded byIm Yeon
Personal details
Spouse(s)Lady An-Shim
Unnamed wife
ChildrenKim Dae-Jae
Kim Yong-Jae
Kim Seok-Jae
Kim Ae
Kim Ki
Kim Jeong
FatherKim Yun-Seong
Kim Jun
Revised RomanizationKim Jun
McCune–ReischauerGim Joon


His father was Kim Yun-Seong, a slave who betrayed his master, Choe Chung-Heon and fight with Manjeok. Kim Jun had a brother, Kim Seung-Jun but later, he was renamed Kim Chung. He was good at riding and archery. In 1258, Choe Ui was overthrown and killed by Kim Jun and Yu Gyeong (1211–1289). Kim Jun became the new military ruler and shortly after that, Goryeo concluded a war with Mongols.

However, Kim Jun's power was much weaker than those of his predecessors, because his regime was sustained by a small number of sympathizers who coincide with the coup d'état. Kim Jun continued to insist on the war with Mongols and in this context, he began to give power to his relatives in order to strengthen his power, led to corruption and resulted in violent clashes with a few supporters of the regime. Im Yeon, who was an adopted child of Kim Jun, had a problem with Kim Chung and his wealth.

The new king, Wonjong of Goryeo was an opponent of Kim Jun and scholars who had insisted on peace with Mongolia gained power. In 1268, Im Yeon assassinated Kim Jun and became the new military leader. In 1268, however, Kim Jun was annihilated by the Sambyeolcho under the order of Im Yeon. The next year, Im Yeon's attempt to replace King Wonjong was reversed by the crown prince with the help from the Mongol force.


  • Father: Kim Yun-Seong (김윤성)
    • Brother: Kim Chung (? - 1268) (김충)
  • Wife: Lady An Shim (안심)[1]
    • Son: Kim Dae-Jae (김대재)
    • Son: Kim Yong-Jae (1228 - 1268) (김용재)
    • Son: Kim Seok-Jae (? - 1262) (김석재)
  • Wife: Unnamed wife
    • Son: Kim Ae (? - 1268) (김애)
    • Son: Kim Ki (? - 1268) (김기)
    • Son: Kim Jeong (? - 1268) (김정)
  • Adopted son: Im Yeon (1220 - 1270) (임연)

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  1. ^ Originally she was one of the concubine of Choe U.

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  • 김준(고려) (in Korean). Doosan Encyclopedia.
Preceded by
Choe Ui
Military Leader of Goryeo
Succeeded by
Im Yeon