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Kids Alive International (KAI) is a Christian nonprofit organization founded to support child, family, and community development. KAI's stated belief is that "every child deserves to live free from the bondage of hunger, abuse, and exploitation."[1]

Kids Alive International
Founded1916; 106 years ago (1916)
FounderRev. and Mrs. Leslie Anglin
Type501(c)(3) religious nonprofit corporation
Area served
12 countries in Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia
US$13 million (2016)


1916 Official founding of the Home of Onesiphorus in Taian, China, by Rev. and Mrs. Leslie Anglin. The ministry began when the Anglins opened their home to orphans and widows in the province.

1921 Leslie Anglin made a trip to Hopei Province (now Hebei), a severe famine area, to rescue children; included in this group of children was Samuel Hsaio who later traveled widely on behalf of Kids Alive and became the director of the Tsinan Home, the 2nd location in China.

1937 The home had a yearly average of 600 children, 95% of whom graduated from the home's school.

1948 Dar El Awlad Boys' Home opened in Beirut, Lebanon.

1953 Mission School established in Hong Kong for children of Chinese refuge families; by 1957 there were 350 pupils enrolled.

1962 Hong Kong missionaries started a Home for Boys in the New Territories, with 15 boys.

1975 Civil War began in Lebanon, ending in 1992. KAI continued operating there during this time; children and staff remained safe even though there was some destruction to facilities.

1983 Name changed to Kids Alive International; home office moved to Valparaiso, Indiana.

1992 ANIJA School in Dominican Republic opened with Kindergarten and first grade. Hauna Schools in Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea, affiliated with Kids Alive.

2000 Kids Alive began ministry in Africa, affiliating with the Mt. Kenya Boys’ Home, and a year later opened a children's home in Lusaka, Zambia.

2004 Kids Alive Peru purchased land for the Care Center in the Manchay slum of Lima, with the goal of identifying and helping single mothers find work to support their kids.

2021 The UK branch of Kids Alive changed its name from 'Hope for Kids' to 'Kids Alive International' [2]


Kids Alive Schools

KAI's schools vary depending on the country and community, but all aim to provide modern facilities and technology wherever possible, consistent teacher certification and ongoing training, up-to-date curriculum, and stringent safety and security measures. Currently, KAI has schools in Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Peru, Kenya, Lebanon, Papua New Guinea, and Zambia.[3]

Care Centers and Medical Clinics

KAI states that care centers “provide quality supervision, stimulating activities, healthy role models, nutritious meals and snacks, help with homework, and counseling when necessary”. Medical clinics provide vaccinations, screenings, nutritional evaluations, basic first aid care, and referrals to community medical facilities for advanced care.[4]

Family-style Residential Homes

KAI's stated goal is that a child should, if at all possible, remain with his or her natural family. In cases where children are abandoned or appear to be orphans, KAI can work with authorities to locate a child's parents or other close family members. When a child has no home or is deemed unsafe in their own home because of abuse or exploitation concerns, KAI places them in small, family-style homes with dedicated caregivers.[5]

“Keeping Families Together”

When a child has biological, extended, or adoptive family willing to provide care but unable to afford the basics, KAI offers assistance with nutrition, education, medical care, and sometimes entrepreneurial help. Children are able to remain in a familiar setting with those who love them while receiving advantages their families cannot provide on their own.

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In the fiscal year 2016, Kids Alive reported $12,920,490.00 in revenue. Of that amount, 85% went directly to programs and projects, 7.8% to administrative costs, and 7% to fundraising.[6][7]


Kids Alive International has earned Charity Navigator’s 16th consecutive 4-star rating,[7] a rating received by less than 1% of charities evaluated. According to Charity Navigator, this means that KAI outperforms most charities in the US for financial efficiency and transparency. On Charity Navigator’s “Top 10 Charities with the Most Consecutive 4-Star Ratings”, Kids Alive is the only one in its category (International Development and Relief Services) with an overall score of 100.[8]


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