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Kiddush HaShem (Hebrew: קידוש השם‎ "sanctification of the Name") is a precept of Judaism. It includes sanctification of the name of God by being holy.[1]


Hebrew BibleEdit

The phrase "sanctification of the Name" does not occur in the Hebrew Bible,[2] but the instruction "To sanctify His Name"[citation needed] and conversely "And ye shall not profane My holy name" (Lev. 22:32) is frequently expressed. Any action by a Jew that brings honor, respect, and glory to God is considered to be sanctification of his name. In contrast, any behavior or action that disgraces, harms or shames God's name and his Torah is regarded as a chillul Hashem (desecration of the Name).


Martyrdom during the Hadrianic persecution is called sanctification of the Name in Bavli Berachot 20a and Midrash Tehillim.[3] The ultimate act of sanctification of the Name is a Jew who is prepared to sacrifice his life rather than transgress any of God’s three cardinal laws: banning serving idols (Avodah Zarah, or foreign worship[4]), committing certain sexual acts (such as incest or adultery) or committing murder. The commandment was introduced by the Exegetes [5]

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