Khyriv (Ukrainian: Хи́рів, Polish: Chyrów) is a town in Staryi Sambir Raion, Lviv Oblast (region) of Ukraine with a population of around 4,184 (2020 est.)[1]


Central part of Khyriv
Central part of Khyriv
Coat of arms of Khyriv
Coat of arms
Khyriv is located in Lviv Oblast
Khyriv is located in Ukraine
Coordinates: 49°32′N 22°51′E / 49.533°N 22.850°E / 49.533; 22.850Coordinates: 49°32′N 22°51′E / 49.533°N 22.850°E / 49.533; 22.850
Country Ukraine
Oblast Lviv Oblast
RaionStaryi Sambir Raion
First mentioned1374
City rights1528
 • Total4,184
Polish–Ukrainian War 1918–1919. Polish defenders of the Chyrów (Jesuit college in the background), 1919

It housed a Jesuit college, Zakład Naukowo-Wychowawczy Ojców Jezuitów w Chyrowie, which operated until 1939, when the town belonged to Poland.

Khyriv was first mentioned in documents from 1374. At that time it was the private property of the noble Polish family of Herburt and belonged to Poland's Ruthenian Voivodeship. In 1528 Chyrow, as it is called in Polish, received town rights, and three years later, the first Roman Catholic church was funded hereby Andrzej Tarlo. The wooden church probably burned during the Great Northern War, and in 1710, it was replaced by a brick one. In 1740, a synagogue was opened here.

For over 400 years Chyrow belonged to Przemysl Land, Ruthenian Voivodeship, Kingdom of Poland. It was a private town, which belonged to the Ossolinski and the Mniszech families. In 1772, following the Partitions of Poland, Chyrow was annexed by the Habsburg Empire and remained in Austrian Galicia until late 1918. In 1872, the town received rail connection with a rail station, and in the 1880s, the Jesuit Collegium was established here. In 1913, the population of the town was 3,400.

In late 1918 and early 1919, heavy Polish – Ukrainian fighting took place in the area of Chyrow (see Polish–Ukrainian War). The war was won by Poland, and until the 1939 Invasion of Poland, Chyrow belonged to the Second Polish Republic. According to the 1921 census, the population of the town was 2,654. In the interbellum period, Chyrow was part of Sambor County, Lwow Voivodeship. Occupied by the Red Army in September 1939, the town now belongs to Ukraine.


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