Kharkiv Observatory

Institute of Astronomy of Kharkiv National University, or Kharkiv Astronomical Observatory — is a scientific institution at Kharkiv University. The institution was founded in 1808 as the astronomy laboratory of the university, and in 1888, mainly due to the efforts of Gregory Levitsky, a fully equipped observatory in a separate house was created.

Kharkiv Astronomical Observatory
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In the Museum of Astronomy
OrganizationKharkiv National University
Observatory code101[1]
LocationKharkiv, Ukraine
Coordinates50°50′09″N 36°13′51″E / 50.83583°N 36.23083°E / 50.83583; 36.23083Coordinates: 50°50′09″N 36°13′51″E / 50.83583°N 36.23083°E / 50.83583; 36.23083
Altitude120 m
Kharkiv Observatory is located in Ukraine
Kharkiv Observatory
Location of Kharkiv Astronomical Observatory

At present, the main topics of scientific research at the observatory are the laws of light scattering by the surfaces of celestial bodies, small bodies of the Solar System, stellar catalogues and stellar dynamics, and gravitational lenses. The Chuhuiv Observational Station, where the institute's main astronomical instruments are located, is subordinate to the institute. The Institute also hosts Museum of Astronomy.


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