Nikolai Barabashov

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Nikolai Pavlovich Barabashov (Russian: Никола́й Па́влович Барабашо́в; March 30, 1894 – April 29, 1971) was a Ukrainian astronomer.

Nikolai Barabashov
Nikolai Pavlovich Barabashov

(1894-03-30)30 March 1894
Died 29 April 1971(1971-04-29) (aged 77)
CitizenshipRussian Empire,
Soviet Union
Alma materKharkiv University
Scientific career
InstitutionsKharkiv Observatory,
Kharkiv University

Barabashov was born in Kharkiv, Kharkbv Governorate, Russian Empire. He graduated from Kharkiv University, Ukraine, in 1919; served as Director, Kharkiv Observatory, 1930; Professor, Kharkiv University, 1934; Rector, Kharkiv University, 1943-1946. He became a member of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences in 1948.

He was a co-author of the ground breaking publication of the first pictures of the far side of the Moon in 1961, called Atlas of the Other Side of the Moon. Barabashov, crater on Mars, was named in his honor in 1973.[1] 2883 Barabashov, a minor planet discovered in 1978 by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Chernykh, is named after him.[2]

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