Khairatabad Mosque is in Khairatabad.[1] Today Khairatabad is a well-known locality built around the mosque. The area had become a major business and IT hub of Hyderabad, India.[2]

Khairatabad Mosque
Khairatabad Mosque photographed by Lala Deen Dayal, c. 1880s.
LocationHyderabad, Telangana
StyleQutb Shahi architecture
Groundbreaking1612; 412 years ago (1612) CE[1]
Completed1626 CE[1]



Khairatabad Mosque was built by Khairunisa Begum in 1626 AD, also known as Ma Saheba, daughter of VI Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah (1612–1626 AD). She built the mosque for her tutor Akhund Mulla Abul Malik.

There is an empty domed building adjacent to the mosque. The reason for its being devoid of any grave is that it was built by Akhund for self-burial; as he died during his pilgrimage to Haj in Mecca, the dome remains vacant.[2]

Khairunisa Begum asked his son-in-law Hussain Shah Wali to construct a palace, a mosque and a tank for the princess. The tank later became famous as Hussain Sagar, built in the northern boundary of Khairtabad.[1]


Khairatabad mosque and tomb

Khairatabad Mosque was designed and constructed by Hussain Shah Wali. The mosque has a three-arch opening in front. The slender minarets of the mosque have lot of decorative work and the Jali (net) work is worth seeing.[3]

INTACH AP, India had declared it as a heritage site.[4]


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