Karomama Meritmut

Karomama Meritmut (prenomen: Sitamun Mutemhat) was an ancient Egyptian high priestess, a God's Wife of Amun during the 22nd Dynasty.[1]

She is possibly identical with Karomama, a daughter of Pharaoh Osorkon II, who was depicted in the sed-hall of the pharaoh. She followed Henuttawy as high priestess. She is depicted in the Karnak chapel Osiris-Nebankh ("Osiris, Lord of Life"). A bronze statue of hers, Statue of Karomama, the Divine Adoratrice of Amun (N 500), which she received from her overseer of the treasury Ahentefnakht,[2] is now on display at the Louvre;[1] a votive statue of Maat she also received from him, was found in Karnak, a stela of hers, her canopic jars and ushabtis are in Berlin.[3] She was followed as God's Wife by Shepenupet I. Her tomb was found in December 2014 in the area of the Ramesseum at Thebes.[4]


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