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Karina Chemla between Antoni Malet and Eberhard Knobloch, at Oberwolfach, 2009

Karine Chemla (born February 8, 1957) is a French historian of mathematics and sinologist who works as a director of research at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS).[1] She is also a senior fellow at the New York University Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.[2] She was elected a Member of the American Philosophical Society in 2019.



Chemla studied at Paris Diderot University and the École normale supérieure de jeunes filles, earning an agrégation in mathematics in 1978 and a diploma of advanced studies in 1979.[3] At this time, her work was in pure mathematics. However, in 1980, influenced by the work of Ilya Prigogine, she won a Singer–Polignac scholarship to travel to China and study the history of Chinese mathematics.[4] Returning to France, she earned her Ph.D. in the history of mathematics from Paris 13 University in 1982, and began working for CNRS at that time.[3]


Chemla's research interests include Chinese mathematics, 19th century French geometry, and the theory of the history of mathematics.[1]

With Guo Shuchun, Kemla published in 2004 a critical edition and translation into French of The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art.[4][5][6][7]


Chemla was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 1998.[8] She became a member of the Academy of Sciences Leopoldina in 2004,[9] of the International Academy of the History of Science in 2005,[3] and of the Academia Europaea in 2013.[10] In 2013–2014 she was the holder of the Sarton Chair of History of Science at Ghent University.[11]


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