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Université Paris-XIII, also known as Paris 13 University (French: Université Paris XIII or simply Paris XIII) and University of Paris North (Université Paris Nord), is a university founded in 1970, in the French cities of Villetaneuse and Saint-Denis. In 2020, the university started using the name Université Sorbonne Paris Nord.

University Sorbonne Paris Nord
Université Sorbonne Paris Nord
TypePublic university
Established1970, following the division of the University of Paris (1253)
PresidentJean-Pierre Astruc
Academic staff
Location, ,
Campusmultiple campuses
AffiliationsSorbonne Paris Cite



The University Paris-13 was created after the desire of the Rector of the Academy of Paris in the early 1960s, of opening a third faculty of science at Villetaneuse. In September 1969 was also created at Saint-Denis, a science-based university center with status of faculty, in the University of Paris, called University Centre Saint-Denis – Villetaneuse.

In 1970, with the application of Law Faure reform, was decided to create 13 autonomous multidisciplinary universities, which replaced the faculties of the University of Paris, and the faculty of Villetaneuse became the University of Paris XIII.

The new university was designed by the architects Fainsilber and Anspach, as part of the renovation of the town of Villetaneuse. The first stage was the construction of the literary and legal center, expected to receive approximately 5000 students. The first building, completed in October 1970, allowed the first 1500 students in December 1500, of first-year of law, economics and humanities. In 1972, the University of Paris XIII completed the building of two libraries, the Library of the University Centre of Saint-Denis and the Library of Villetaneuse university center.

Following the dismantling of the University of Paris, the chancellor of universities of Paris owns the buildings and land of the establishment. The Chancery of Creteil universities provides budgetary control and the University of legality.

Name of the universityEdit

Decree No. 70-1174 of 17 December 1970 on the public, scientific and cultural character of universities gave the university the name of Paris-XIII. Since its establishment, the university has been referred to informally as "University of Paris-13 North" or "University Paris-Nord".

On 16 May 2014, the Board of Directors decided to rename the university: University Paris-13 (Université Paris 13 in the statutes) in compliance with the law on the Liberties and Responsibilities of Universities.[1]

In the 2019 re-organization of the Paris university system, the university announced it would start styling itself as "Université Sorbonne Paris Nord".


Mandat Nom Corps Discipline
1970-1973 Jean-René Saurel University professor Physics
1973-1977 Marcel Jozefowicz University professor Physics
1977-1982 Maurice Nisard University professor Law
1982-1987 Pierre Jaisson University professor Ethology
1987-1992 Pierre Cornillot PU-PH Clinical pathology
1992-1997 Jean-François Mela University professor Mathematics
1997-2002 Michel Pouchain University professor Economy
2002-2008 Alain Neuman PU-PH Medical imaging
2008-2016 Jean-Loup Salzmann PU-PH Histology
2016- Jean-Pierre Astruc[2] University professor Mathematics


The university premises are spread over five campuses:[3]

  • Villetaneuse Campus
  • at Saint-Denis, the Technology University Institute of Paris XIII (Institut universitaire de technologie de Paris XIII or IUT in French)
  • La Plaine Saint-Denis Campus
  • Bobigny Campus, holds a Technology Institute and Medicine
  • Argenteuil Campus


The forum of the Villetaneuse campus.

The Villetaneuse campus is the main and historic campus of the university. It has the larger number of students and research units. This campus holds also the presidential buildings and central services of the university. On the side of the search, besides the Office of Research and Doctoral Studies, the campus is home to the administrative services of graduate schools Erasmus and Institut Galilée, and also of the research units. The campus made significant investments since 2010 to improve the transport connections, by building a new station known as Gare de Villetaneuse-Université. A new library was opened on the campus in spring 2016.[4] The IUT homes a cleanroom dedicated to nanotechnology research.[5]


The Bobigny campus is dedicated to medicine, health and human biology, and has the UFR SMBH and the IUT of Bobigny. The campus is side of the Avicenna hospital with which the university is in agreement to form the Avicenna University Hospital, main training center in medicine department of Seine-Saint-Denis. The campus also host several research units related to medicine (mostly joint research units with the INSERM) and the UFR SMBH but also some units or humanities teams whose research theme is related to medicine (LEPS for therapeutic patient education, or UTRPP for psychopathology). This is the second university campus.


The campus at Saint-Denis houses the Technology university institute (Institut universitaire de technologie or IUT in French).


The university offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in line with the Bologna Process. Bachelor and Masters courses are organized into various schools.[6]

  • School of Literature, Languages, and Humanities (LLHS)
  • School of Law, Politics and Social Sciences (DSPS)
  • School of Communication (COM)
  • Galilee Institute
  • School of Health, Medicine and Human Biology (SMBH)

Doctoral SchoolsEdit

The university awards around 110 doctorates each year and welcomes around 700 doctoral scholars on exchange from other institutions.[7] There are three doctoral schools:

  • Ecole Doctorale Erasme for humanities, social sciences, law and economics.
  • Ecole Doctorale Galilée for sciences
  • Ecole doctorale médicament, toxicologie, chimie, imageries (MTCI) for medicine, toxicology, chemistry and graphics, run with Paris Descartes University within the framework of the Sorbonne Paris Cité federation.[8]

Partner InstitutionEdit


A medical student who brought anti-semitic charges transferred to another university upon faculty advice after 1 year of school review and no action. This despite that cell "screen shots" were provided as evidence along with other information. The charges received wide publicity in France and the student was compelled to take her own protective measures for fear of harm. French education minister stated the alleged harassment was "unacceptable"; Paris 13 university President J P Astruc made no statement. Jewish Telegraph Agency, an online publication, reported the student would not appeal.

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