Kangarilla, South Australia

Kangarilla is a town near Adelaide, South Australia. It lies within the City of Onkaparinga and has postcode 5157. At the 2016 census, Kangarilla had a population of 896.[1]

South Australia
Main street of Kangarilla
Kangarilla is located in South Australia
Coordinates35°08′53″S 138°39′36″E / 35.148°S 138.660°E / -35.148; 138.660Coordinates: 35°08′53″S 138°39′36″E / 35.148°S 138.660°E / -35.148; 138.660
Population896 (2016 census)[1]
Elevation195 m (640 ft)
Location41 km (25 mi) from Adelaide
LGA(s)City of Onkaparinga
RegionSouthern Adelaide[2]
Federal Division(s)Division of Mayo
Localities around Kangarilla:
Clarendon Clarendon Mylor
McLaren Vale and McLaren Flat Kangarilla Jupiter Creek
The Range Blackfellows Creek Meadows


The land around Kangarilla was first settled in around 1840, with wheat and vineyards the main produce. A town was founded in 1849 by John Bottrill, and properly surveyed in 1860[4] on section 875 in the Hundred of Kuitpo, named Scaldwell. It was later called Eyre Flat or Eyre's Flat,[5][4] and the name Kangarilla may have originally been the name given to the creek which ran through the area. The name Eyre's Flat stopped being used in the 1870s, when the area started to be referred to as Kangarilla.[6]

The Kaurna people who lived there called it Kangkarrilla.[7] Manning's Index reports that Norman Tindale thought that kanggarila may mean "birthplace", and that it was spelt "Kungirilla" in The South Australian on 17 March 1843. Ngarrindjeri man David Unaipon was recorded as saying that Kang means "two" and Ra'mulia means "outflow or water flowing", referring to two waterholes,[5] but more recent sources have variously reported that the meaning in the Kaurna language is "a place where something is nurtured", and possibly "a place with abundant resources",[8] "place of rest with water and trees",[9] and "shepherding place".[10]

Dashwood Gully circa 1920

The historic settlement of Dashwood Gully (also known as Dashwoods Gully) existed within the present-day bounded locality of Kangarilla. It was named for George Frederick Dashwood, who settled there in 1841[11] and was appointed as a member of the South Australian parliament in 1843. The first Dashwood's Gully post office opened in November 1863 and closed in 1867; a second post office opened from December 1871 to December 1930.[12][13][14]

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