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Kanal 2 is a privately owned Estonian television channel. Its literal name in English is "Channel 2".

Kanal 2
Kanal 2 logo.svg
Launched1 October 1993; 25 years ago (1993-10-01)
Owned byEesti Meedia[1]
Audience share15.7% Increase (September 2012, TNS Emor)
Broadcast areaEstonia
HeadquartersTallinn, Estonia
Sister channel(s)Kanal 11, Kanal 12
Digital terrestrialMultiplex 1[2]
ViasatChannel 2
StarmanChannel 2
ElionChannel 2

It began broadcasting on 1 October 1993.



The list might not reflect the current lineup of television shows.

TV seriesEdit

Shows for kidsEdit

Current rerunsEdit

Own programmingEdit

  • Heeringas veenuse õlal (Eel on the shoulder of Venus)
  • Jumal tänatud, et sa siin oled! (Thank God You're Here)
  • Kodutunne
  • Krimi
  • Kuldvillak (Estonian version of Jeopardy!)
  • Köök
  • Meie aasta Austraalias (Our Year in Australia)
  • Radar
  • Reporter (daily news program)
  • Reporter+ (weekly news program)
  • Rooli võim
  • Saladused (Secrets)
  • Subboteja
  • Naabriplika (Estonian comedy-drama show)
  • Pilvede all (Estonian drama show)
  • Siberi võmm (Estonian crime show)
  • Ühikarotid (Estonian teen drama)(Kanal 2 shows currently reruns)

Other current foreign programmingEdit

(not necessary shown in primetime slot)

Foreign daytime showsEdit


Former Daytime programmingEdit

Former Sitcoms and light comediesEdit

(not necessarily shown in primetime slots)

Former Primetime and night time series and reality showsEdit

Former Own programmingEdit

Old shows (discontinued)Edit

Previously shown seriesEdit


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