En nombre del amor

En nombre del amor (English: In the Name of Love)[1] is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carlos Moreno Laguillo for Televisa. It is a remake of Cadenas de amargura, by María del Carmen Peña y José Cuauhtémoc Blanco,[2] and produced in 1991.

En nombre del amor
Created by
Written byDenisse Pfeiffer
Story by
Directed by
  • Andrés Olivares
  • Roussy Ortiz
Creative director(s)Israel Salazar
Theme music composer
  • Laura Pausini
  • Paolo Carta
  • Agliardi
Opening theme"En cambio no" performed by Laura Pausini
Country of originMexico
Original language(s)Spanish
No. of episodes170
Executive producer(s)Carlos Moreno
Producer(s)Hilda Santaella
  • Juan Carlos Frutos
  • Jesús Nájera
  • Alfredo Sánchez
  • Jorge Silva
Camera setupMulti-camera
Original networkCanal de las Estrellas
Picture formatNTSC (480i)
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original releaseOctober 13, 2008 (2008-10-13) –
June 12, 2009 (2009-06-12)
Preceded byQuerida enemiga
Followed byMi pecado
Related showsCadenas de amargura (1991)
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Allisson Lozz and Sebastián Zurita star as the main protagonists, with Victoria Ruffo and Arturo Peniche as co-protagonists, while Leticia Calderón and Altaír Jarabo are the main antagonists. It also features Magda Guzmán, Laura Flores, Alfredo Adame, Víctor Cámara, and special guest: Luis Hacha.


Carlota (Leticia Calderón) and Macarena Espinoza de los Monteros Díaz (Victoria Ruffo), two sisters that fell in love with the same man, are forced to suffer pain and loneliness for the rest of their lives due to their destructive family secret. Macarena, a good woman, and Carlota, total opposite of her sister, fall in love with Cristóbal (Arturo Peniche) but he only has eyes for Macarena. Carlota cannot handle her jealousy and hatred towards her sister and devises a plan to separate the lovers. She tells them that the other has died. Cristóbal is torn apart by the "death" of his beloved and decides to leave Real del Monte.

After the death of her parents in a car accident, a young and sweet Paloma Espinoza de los Monteros (Yanni Torres) is taken in by her single aunts. The family's lawyer tells Carlota that by taking in her niece, she will become the guardian of her trust until she comes of age. Carlota demands the lawyer to keep quiet and tells her sister that Paloma's parents declared bankruptcy. Macarena quickly takes a liking to her niece and treats her like a daughter, while Carlota is repressive and domineering, wanting to keep Paloma and Macarena under her clutches.

Living with her aunts, Paloma meets Romina (Georgina Domínguez), a girl that lives with her mother Camila (Laura Flores) across the street, and is suffering after the divorce of her parents. They become best friends instantly and love each other as if they were sisters.

Years later, Paloma (Allisson Lozz) has grown into a compassionate and loving young woman, even while being under strict scrutiny by her Aunt Carlota, and Romina (Altaír Jarabo) has grown into a spoiled and egotistic young woman, whom has no regard for anyone but herself. When Emiliano Sáenz (Sebastián Zurita) comes back to Real del Monte, Romina is struck with what she believes to be love and wants to have him no matter what. Unfortunately for her, he starts to fall in love with Paloma, whom does not seem interested in him because she is in love with his best friend, Iñaki (Luis Hacha). Iñaki and Paloma are deeply in love and he proposes, both deciding to marry when Paloma turns eighteen. Carlota is against this and moves earth and hell to drive them apart. Iñaki, however, is not afraid of Carlota and stands up to her, defying her and assuring her and Paloma that they will get married no matter what she does. This drives Carlota over the edge - to a point of no return.

After the death of Iñaki, Paloma is inconsolable and finds comfort in Emiliano's company, whom is also suffering after his best friend's death. After rejecting Romina for Paloma, she is driven to tear them apart, repeating the dangerous love triangle that Macarena and Carlota went through all those years ago.

The return of Cristóbal pushes Carlota into a corner, once again reigniting the love and rivalry within both sisters. This time, Carlota is willing to do anything to make sure that they do not get back together. Threat of the family secret coming out is imminent, and once revealed, will change the life of Paloma forever.




  • Ferdinando Valencia as Germán Altamirano
  • Pablo Magallanes as Aarón Eugenio Cortázar
  • Queta Lavat as Madre Superiora
  • Angelina Peláez as Arcadia Ortíz
  • Lucero Lander as Inés Cortázar
  • Eduardo Liñán as Padre Benito Farías
  • David Ostrosky as Dr. Rodolfo Bermúdez
  • Yolanda Ventura as Angélica Ciénega
  • Paty Díaz as Natalia Ugarte de Iparraguirre
  • Zoila Quiñonez as Doña Meche
  • Ramon Abascal as Joel Martínez
  • Jorge Alberto Bolaños as Samuel Mondragón
  • Lola Forner as Carmen
  • Manuel Navarro as Alonso Iparraguirre
  • Haydeé Navarra as Miriam
  • Claudia Godínez as Ana Mar
  • Sergio Catalán as Darío Peñaloza
  • Alfonso Iturralde as Juancho
  • Hugo Macías Macotela as Padre Mateo
  • Erick Elías as Gabriel Lizarde

Special participationEdit

  • Luis Couturier as Rodrigo Espinoza de los Monteros
  • Yanni Torres as Paloma Espinoza de los Monteros Díaz (child)
  • Georgina Domínguez as Romina Mondragón Ríos (child)
  • Luciano Corigliano as Emiliano Saenz Noriega (Child)
  • Rafael Valdés as Salvador "Chava"
  • Bibi Gaytán as Sagrario Díaz de Espinoza de los Monteros
  • Eduardo Capetillo as Javier Espinoza de los Monteros

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominee Result
2009 Premios People en Español Best rehash Carlos Moreno Won
Best Actress Victoria Ruffo Nominated
Best Actor Arturo Peniche Nominated
Best Villain Leticia Calderón Won
Altaír Jarabo Nominated
Best Young Actor Allisson Lozz Won
Sebastián Zurita Nominated
Best Couples Allisson Lozz and Sebastián Zurita Won
2010 Premios ACE[3] Best telenovela Carlos Moreno Won
Best Director Karina Duprez Won
Best Best Actress Leticia Calderón Won
Best male co-action Arturo Peniche Won
28th TVyNovelas Awards[4] Best Actor Arturo Peniche Nominated[4]
Best Antagonist Actress Leticia Calderón Won[4]
Altaír Jarabo Nominated[4]
Best Male Revelation Sebastián Zurita Won[4]
Best Original Story or Adaptation Martha Carrillo and Cristina García Nominated[4]


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