Kakanj Power Station

Kakanj Thermal Power Plant is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's largest coal-fired power plant having an installed electric capacity of 450 MW[1] and producing around 2.3 billion Kwh of electricity per year. The power plant is operated by Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine. The chimney of Kakanj Power Plant is 300 metres tall and is one of the tallest man-made objects built in former Yugoslavia.

Kakanj Power Plant
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Coordinates44°05′23″N 18°06′52″E / 44.08972°N 18.11444°E / 44.08972; 18.11444Coordinates: 44°05′23″N 18°06′52″E / 44.08972°N 18.11444°E / 44.08972; 18.11444
Commission date1988
Thermal power station
Primary fuelCoal
Power generation
Units operational7
Nameplate capacity450 MW
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Kakanj has been coal mining area since 1898. Construction of the coal-fired power plant started in 1947. and the first and unit was commissioned in 1956.[2]

Construction of the second unit started in 1960 and was finished in 1960. Five more units were constructed in the next 28 years. The last one, unit 7, was finished in 1988. A new 300-MW steam unit is in planning and a 100-MW CCGT block may be built to replace the old 32-MW sets.


Thermal Power Station Kakanj is now one of the largest generators of electricity in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has power generation units with an installed capacity of 578 MW. The power plant has a 300-metre (980 ft) tall stack, one of the tallest structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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