Kahale (Arabic: الكحالة‎), is a mountain village in the district of Aley (Caza Aley), Lebanon, 13 km from Beirut. Population estimated at 11,000 residents, most of whom are Maronite Catholic.



Kahale is located in Lebanon
Location in Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°49′19″N 35°35′15″E / 33.82194°N 35.58750°E / 33.82194; 35.58750Coordinates: 33°49′19″N 35°35′15″E / 33.82194°N 35.58750°E / 33.82194; 35.58750
Country Lebanon
GovernorateMount Lebanon Governorate
DistrictAley District
 • Total13,000
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)
 • Summer (DST)+3


Kahale is derived from Syriac and Aramaic, from kah (verb meaning breathed or respired); al or el (the name of the Canaanite god El, who was considered the father of God and of mankind); and e (an ending denoting that the god El is the speaker's god)


Considering the locale and geography of the Kahale this name is suited well. A valley extends from the Sh'har west side of the Kahale into the Rjoum, eastern side of the Kahale. In this valley, the winds accelerate as if being sped along by some external supernatural will, the will of the ancient god El.


Kahale has a predominantly Maronite Catholic population, with a small Druze minority.

The village has three churches:

  • Mar Elias (مار الياس )
  • Our Lady (السيدة)
  • Mar Antonios (مار انطونيوس)

This in addition to Don Bosco monastery and school, and Saint Charbel Home for the elderly which is now closed.


Latitude: 33°49'18.64"N, longitude: 35°35'14.55"E, 200 to 500 m above sea level and a land size of approximately 1.96 square kilometers.

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