Mount Lebanon Governorate

Mount Lebanon Governorate (Arabic: محافظة جبل لبنان) is one of the nine governorates of Lebanon. Its capital is Baabda.

Mount Lebanon Governorate
Arabic: محافظة جبل لبنان
French: Gouvernorat du Mont-Liban
The governorates of Lebanon, including Mount Lebanon (in pink, labelled 6)
The governorates of Lebanon, including Mount Lebanon (in pink, labelled 6)
Coordinates: 33°50′N 35°32′E / 33.833°N 35.533°E / 33.833; 35.533Coordinates: 33°50′N 35°32′E / 33.833°N 35.533°E / 33.833; 35.533
 • GovernorCharbel Tabet
 • Total1,238 km2 (478 sq mi)
 • Estimate 
(31 December 2017)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

This governorate is named after the mountainous region of Mount Lebanon and, except for the small Beirut Governorate which it surrounds, spans the stretch of the Mediterranean coast between Keserwan-Jbeil Governorate and South Governorate.


The governorate is divided into four districts (aqḍiyah, singular qaḍāʼ):

District Arabic name Capital
Aley قضاء عاليه Aley
Baabda قضاء بعبدا Baabda
Chouf قضاء الشوف Beiteddine
Matn قضاء المتن Jdeideh

The districts of Jbeil and Keserwan were part of Mount Lebanon Governorate until 7 September 2017, when they were separated to form Keserwan-Jbeil Governorate.[3][4]


Mount Lebanon is mixed between Christians and Muslims. Maronites live in the Metn and Baabda districts (other Christian denominations such as Greek Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, and Greek Catholics make up the rest of the population alongside Muslims). The Druze are the majority in the Aley district and a plurality in the Chouf district (nearly equal in numbers with Sunni Muslims and Christians). Shia minorities live in the Coast areas of Baabda District like Borj Al Barajneh, Haret Hreik, Ghobeiry and Chiyah.[5]


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