Kaaryasthan (English: The Caretaker) is a 2010 Malayalam comedy film written by the duo Udayakrishna-Siby K. Thomas and directed by debutant Thomson K. Thomas. It stars Dileep, Akhila, Vandana Menon, Madhu, and Suraj Venjaramoodu. It was Dileep's 100th film.[1][2][3] Akhila, a noted television anchor and dancer, debuted as an actress through this film.[4] The film is an unofficial remake of Telugu film Kalisundam Raa with minor changes in the plot.

Theatrical poster
Directed byThomson K. Thomas
Produced byNeeta Anto
Written by
Music by
CinematographyP. Sukumar
Edited byMahesh Narayanan
Aan Mega Media
Distributed byAan Mega Media & PJ Entertainments
Release date
  • 5 November 2010 (2010-11-05)
Running time
162 minutes


The story is set in a picturesque landscape in a village called "Krishnapuram". The two tharavadus (parentages) named Puthezhathu and Kizhakkedathu are situated in the same compound, and share a very great bonding. The film begins with the celebration of Onam festival by the inmates of both the houses. Kizhakkedathu tharavadu's karanavar Krishna Warrier (Madhu)'s eldest son Rajan (Siddique)is in love with one of the girls there but his marriage is fixed with Saraswathy (Lena), daughter of Sankaran Nair (G. K. Pillai), the karanavar of Puthezhath family. Rajan and the girl elopes, and Saraswathy is later found dead in a quarry, apparently a suicide. Puthezhathu family believes that Kizhakkedathu family has cheated them, and thus they beat up Rajan, but Krishna Warrier comes to rescue him and also pulls him up on to the train. As years pass, Krishnanunni (Dileep) is born to Rajan.

Rajan, along with his wife and children, now lives in Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu. He is now indulged in agriculture. He is assisted by his son Krishnanunni. During a clash in the market, the local thief Kalidas is beaten by Krishnanunni/Kuttan and his friend Vadivelu/Pottan (Suraj Venjaramoodu), and is sacked and taken back in a bullock cart. Unfortunately, Kalidas escapes from the sack by jumping into a canal. When Unni and Vadivelu come to know about this, they tell their gang to beat him. Unfortunately, the sack was changed, and it was Ayyappan Nair (Kochu Preman), the former Karyasthan of Kizhakkedathu family. Ayyappan Nair tells Rajan about the impact caused by his elope and Saraswathy's death on the two families. Both are now sworn enemies, and they have built up walls around their homes. It was the family of Puthezhathu family who beat Ayyappan Nair because he supported Kizhakkedathu and sacked him to Tenkasi. Unni then tells Rajan that he would go to pacify the two quarrelling families.

Then, Unni and Vadivelu reach Krishnapuram, but suddenly they find Kalidas at Kizhakkedathu tharavadu and is shocked to hear that he has been appointed as the karyasthan of Kizhakkedathu tharavadu. Kalidas has a plan to steal an idol of Lord Krishna from Kizhakkedathu tharavadu, and he traps Unni and Vadivelu by handing the idol to them. Krishna Warrier later comes and unknowing that Unni is his grandson, calls his workers and beat Unni and Vadivelu. Later, they reach Puthezhathu tharavadu and get job as karyasthan (manager) and watchman respectively. The plan is approved by Sankaran Nair soon, and Kumaran (Harisree Ashokan), the former karyasthan, is declassified as an out-worker.

Unni later tries to solve conflicts between the two families. It is during this time that the female lead, Sreebala (Akhila Sasidharan) enters. Vadivelu first flirts with her, but after hearing that she is also a member of Puthezhath family, he allows her to enter the home. Unni also interferes in Sreebala's college dance, changing the tune of her dance song. She later dances for the same tune. On the same day, she is harassed by Anand (Nishanth Sagar), the son of Kizhakkedathu Sreedharan (Ramu), a businessman. Krishnanunni saves her, but lies that it was Anand's father who saved her. Later, the stolen idol of Lord Krishna is found in a gravel, near the paddy fields of both families. Soon Krishnanunni begins his mission to unite the two families, his mission becomes a great success and it soon culminates in a marriage proposal between Anandh and Sreedevi(Vandana Menon) but Sreedevi confess to Krishnanunni that she is in love with someone else and would end her life is she is forced into marrying Anandh. Krishnanunni and Sreebala helps Sreedevi to elope with her boyfriend which creates further trouble in the family, after knowing that krishnanunni is rajan's son the Puthezhathu and Kizhakeddathu family break ties once again but this time around kizhakddathu family support krishnanunni and welcomes rajan back home The rift between the families is cleared when krishnanunni finds out that Rajan old friend Susheelan(Suresh Krishna) and his driver Gopalan(Shammi Thilakan) were responsible for Saraswati's death. Both the families unite and Sreebala and Krishnanunni is married .


Special Appearance in the song "Mangalangal"


Soundtrack album by
Released15 November 2010
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelMathrubhumi Music
Berny-Ignatius chronology
Marykkundoru Kunjaadu

The songs of the film are composed by Berny-Ignatious with lyrics penned by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri. The background score for the film is by Rajamani[5]

Track list
1."Malayalipenne"Subin Ignatius, Delsy Ninan04:35
2."Mangalangal"Benny Dayal05:04
3."Neeyinenne Maranno"Jyotsna Radhakrishnan05.51
5."Onavillin"Madhu Balakrishnan, Preetha Kanna, Thulasi04:02
6."Neeyinenne II"Subin raj, Jyotsna Radhakrishnan04:25
Total length:27:15



The film opened to mixed reviews, with Nowrunning.com labeling the film as "Disappointing", proceeding to highlight that "With all the formulaic elements intact, Karyasthan as Dileep's hundredth film is a mega hit. Dileep and Suraj do manage to bring in a few giggles, but the film serves as a sure sign that Dileep needs to reinvent himself" and gave 2 Stars Out of 5,[6] while Moviebuzz of Sify.com gave positive verdict, stating that Director Thomson doesn't experiment much here and you can find every emotion in the required measures that would be essential in a formulaic film.", adding that it is "Masala Entertainer".[7] Furthermore, he praised lead actor Dileep's "power packed" performance, citing that he "nails the character to perfection" and "carries the film to its winning point". The movie performed well at the box office and was declared a blockbuster.

Box officeEdit

The film opened well, and is one of the commercial success of 2010.[8][9] From 72 releasing centres, it grossed 1.65 crore distributor's share in its first week.[10] Made on a budget of 2.5 crore, it grossed 4.5 crore from Kerala box office.[11]

Notable RemarksEdit

One of the most specialty of the film was a dance performed by the Malayalam Television Serial Artists which was first time in the history of Malayalam movie.


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