Køge station

Køge station is the principal railway station in Køge near Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the terminus of an S-train line (Køgebugtbanen) that connects it to Copenhagen, and of Østbanen which serves the Stevns Peninsula. The station provides transfers among these railways and the regional trains on Lille Syd between Roskilde and Næstved.

S-train and regional railway station
Køge Station 04.jpg
Location12 Jernbanegade, Køge
Coordinates55°27′28″N 12°11′12″E / 55.45778°N 12.18667°E / 55.45778; 12.18667Coordinates: 55°27′28″N 12°11′12″E / 55.45778°N 12.18667°E / 55.45778; 12.18667
Owned byDSB
Preceding station   S-train   Following station
toward Hillerød
Preceding station   Danske Statsbaner   Following station
toward Roskilde
toward Næstved

A fountain, created by the Swedish-born artist Pontus Kjerrman in 1993, located on the small square in front of the station, represents the "catwoman" and the "horseman".[1]

Terminus tracks of the S-train line E


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