Ringsted is a city located centrally in the Danish island of Zealand. It is the seat of a municipality of the same name.

Saint Bendt's Church (Skt. Bendts Kirke) in Ringsted, Denmark
Saint Bendt's Church (Skt. Bendts Kirke) in Ringsted, Denmark
Coat of arms of Ringsted
Ringsted is located in Denmark
Location in Denmark
Ringsted is located in Denmark Region Zealand
Ringsted (Denmark Region Zealand)
Coordinates: 55°26′33″N 11°47′24″E / 55.44250°N 11.79000°E / 55.44250; 11.79000Coordinates: 55°26′33″N 11°47′24″E / 55.44250°N 11.79000°E / 55.44250; 11.79000
RegionZealand (Sjælland)
 • Urban
13.7 km2 (5.3 sq mi)
54 m (177 ft)
 • Urban
 • Urban density1,700/km2 (4,300/sq mi)
 • Municipality
 • Gender [2]
11,273 males and 11,668 females
Postal code
Area code(s)(+45) 57

Ringsted is situated approximately 60 km from Copenhagen. Ringsted Station is the last station before trains bound for Funen and Jutland diverge from trains bound for Lolland-Falster and Puttgarden/Hamburg.

Tourism and transportEdit

Ringsted is one of Denmark's busiest transit cities. The city is located in the very middle of Zealand, connecting both the southern parts of Zealand as well as Funen and Jutland with the Copenhagen area.


Ringsted was the site of Sjællands Landsting (lit. Zealand's county thing) during the Middle Ages,[3] which in 1584 moved to St. Bendt's church and became known as Sjællandsfar Landsting. In 1805 it moved to Copenhagen and was renamed Østre Landsret, and is still active under this name.[4]

In 1131, Canute Lavard was killed in Haraldsted forest, leading to outbreaks of civil war.

The church was consecrated in 1170. In front of the church is the spacious town square leading to the shopping streets with shops and boutiques for every taste.

The town arms goes back to 1421. There has been much discussion about what it portrays. The traditional answer is at the top the hand of God and under that Virgin Mary with Jesus surrounded by three figures that worship her. The city officially interprets the three figures as Saint Canute Lavard, King Eric Plovpenning, and Saint Benedict of Nursia.

Santa World Flyer Front, 1991
Santa World Flyer Back, 1991


Ringsted features two shopping centers named RingStedet and Ringsted Outlet Center. Ringsted Outlet Center consists of 48 flagship outlets and 2 restaurants.[5] Ringsted also has a wide selection of cafes and restaurants, as well as two local breweries (Dagmarbryggeriet in Ringsted town and Det lille Bryggeri in Bringstrup) .

During the summer months, a mobile tourist office is opened in the town square.

Ringsted was previously home to Santa World, a tourist attraction featuring hundreds of animatronic Christmas elves, which later became Fantasy World.[6]

Notable peopleEdit

Edith von Bonsdorff, 1920


Anders Oechsler, 2009

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