Köln-Mülheim station

Köln-Mülheim is a railway station situated at Mülheim, Cologne in western Germany. It is served by several regional trains, the S6 and S11 lines of the Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn[3] and the 13 and 18 lines of Cologne Stadtbahn.

Bahnhof Köln-Mülheim
Deutsche Bahn Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn Cologne Stadtbahn
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Platforms at Köln-Mülheim station
51065 Köln-Mülheim
Mülheim, Cologne (Köln), NRW
Coordinates50°57′31″N 7°00′49″E / 50.9587°N 7.0137°E / 50.9587; 7.0137Coordinates: 50°57′31″N 7°00′49″E / 50.9587°N 7.0137°E / 50.9587; 7.0137
Other information
Station code3336
DS100 codeKKM
Fare zoneVRS: 2100[2]
Opened19 November 1874
Preceding station   DB Regio NRW   Following station
toward Aachen Hbf
RE 1
toward Hamm Hbf
toward Wesel
RE 5
toward Koblenz Hbf
toward Bonn-Mehlem
RB 48
Preceding station   Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn   Following station
S 6
toward Essen Hbf
S 11
Preceding station Cologne Stadtbahn Following station
Wiener Platz
towards Sülzgürtel
Line 13 Buchheim Herler Straße
Wiener Platz
towards Bonn Hbf
Line 18 Buchheim Herler Straße
towards Thielenbruch
Bahnhof Köln-Mülheim is located in North Rhine-Westphalia
Bahnhof Köln-Mülheim
Bahnhof Köln-Mülheim
Location within North Rhine-Westphalia


New Mulheim station in 1910

In the 19th century there were several stations in Mülheim, since all the private railway companies had separate lines and railway facilities.

The stations of the Cologne-Minden Railway Company (German: Cöln-Mindener Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, CME) on the line between Cologne and Duisburg and the Bergisch-Märkische Railway Company (Bergisch-Märkische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, BME) on the Gruiten–Cologne-Deutz railway) were next to each other in Buchheim-Strasse (now Wiener Platz). The station of the Rhenish Railway Company (Rheinische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, RhE) on the Troisdorf–Mülheim-Speldorf railway was built outside the town at the site of the current Cologne-Mülheim station.

After the nationalisation of the railway companies there was long consideration of how to consolidate rail operations at one site. Eventually it was decided to tear down stations of the CME and BME and move the lines serving them to the east. Construction began in 1903 and on 1 July 1909 the new station was inaugurated and the all freight and passenger traffic were routed over the rerouted lines.

Today the station is a hub for regional and S-Bahn traffic in northeastern Cologne and an important point of interchange between regional and local transport.

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Train servicesEdit

Köln-Mülheim U-Bahn station

The station is served by the following services:[4][5]

  • Regional services RE 1 NRW-Express Aachen - Cologne - Düsseldorf - Duisburg - Essen - Dortmund - Hamm - Paderborn
  • Regional services RE 5 Rhein-Express Emmerich - Wesel - Oberhausen - Duisburg - Düsseldorf - Cologne - Bonn - Koblenz
  • Local services RB 48 Rhein-Wupper-Bahn Bonn-Mehlem - Bonn - Cologne - Solingen - Wuppertal
  • Rhein-Ruhr S-Bahn services S 6 Essen - Kettwig - Düsseldorf - Cologne - Köln-Nippes
  • Rhein-Ruhr S-Bahn services S 11 Düsseldorf Airport Terminal - Düsseldorf - Neuss - Cologne - Bergisch Gladbach


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