The Jumbo Stay (formerly named the Jumbo Hostel) is a hostel located inside a decommissioned Boeing 747-200 jetliner at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. It opened in 2009.

Jumbo Stay
Jumbo Stay, 2019 (03).jpg
General information
LocationArlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden
OpeningJan 15, 2009
OwnerOscar Diös
Technical details
Floor count2
Other information
Number of rooms33
Number of suites2
Number of restaurants1


Jumbo Stay is located inside a decommissioned Boeing 747-212B jetliner.[1] The aircraft was built for Singapore Airlines in 1976, and later served with Pan American World Airways.[2][1] Its last air operator was Transjet, a Swedish charter airline based out of Stockholm Arlanda Airport that went bankrupt in 2002.[3]

The aircraft was bought by Oscar Diös in 2006, and moved to a location near Arlanda Airport. Its interior was almost entirely changed, although some features of the aircraft, such as the flight controls, were retained.[4] It opened as a hotel in 2009.[3]

The hotelEdit

Inside view of the Jumbo Stay

The JumboStay has 33 rooms with up to four beds in each. A larger room, branded the "cockpit suite", is located on the upper deck. Altogether, the hostel holds 76 beds. Some of the smaller rooms are located in the engines.[3] The first-class lounge has been converted into a cafe which sells snacks and simple meals, and is open to the public.[2][4]

The hotel is a 15-minute walk from the airport terminal and can be reached by shuttle bus.[2]


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