Jules Vanhevel (10 March 1895 in Koekelare – 21 July 1969 in Ostend) was a Belgian racing cyclist. He was a professional from 1919 to 1936.

Jules Vanhevel
Jules Vanhevel, racing for the French brand Wonder
Personal information
Full nameJules Vanhevel
Born(1895-03-10)10 March 1895
Koekelare, Belgium
Died21 July 1969(1969-07-21) (aged 74)
Ostend, Belgium
Team information
Professional teams
1921-1923Team Bianchi Dunlop
1923-1924Team Cycles M.Buysse-Colonial
1924-1925Team Wonder-Russel
1925-1926Team Wonder
1926-1927Team Ravat-Wonder-Dunlop
1927-1930Team Opel ZR-III
Major wins
One-day races and Classics
National Road Race Championships (1920, 1921)
Tour of Flanders (1920)
Paris-Roubaix (1924)
Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen (1919, 1920)
Omloop der Vlaamse Gewesten (1928)

Biography edit

In the literature, his name is often misspelled as "Jules Van Hevel. The cyclist Jules A. Vanhevel should not be confused with Jules K. Vanhevel, the last miller of the East Mill at Gistel, a relative

Jules Vanhevel his first racing bike was a Bercley.

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Record as independent edit


Record in the war / in military service edit

Jules Vanhevel served as a cyclist in the 1st Artillery Regiment and later in the trench mortars Van Doren of the 1st Army Division. He was injured and was sent to England ill.


Record as a professional edit

1919[citation needed]
  • 3rd Tour of Flanders
  • (interruption cycling career in the Army in Germany))
  • (Statement) Tour of Battlefields Strasbourg-Luxembourg-Brussels-Amiens (2nd in the 1st round, 2nd round and 5th in the list in the 3rd round)
  • 3rd Tour of Belgium (2nd in the 1st round, 3rd in the 3rd round, 2nd in the 4th and 6th in the 5th round trip)
  • (discharge from military service)
1st   Championship of Flanders
1920[citation needed]
1st   Championship of Flanders
1921 Team Bianchi Dunlop[1]
1923 Team Cycles M.Buysse-Colonial[2]
1924 Team Wonder-Russel[3]
1925 Team Wonder[4]
1926 Team Ravat-Wonder-Dunlop[5] and team Opel=Pollack[6]
1927 Team Opel ZR-III[7]
1928[citation needed]
  • 1st   Tour of Belgium (1st in the 1st round, 2nd in the 2nd round, 2nd and 3rd in the 3rd round in 4th ride)
  • 1st Omloop der Vlaamse Gewesten
  • 2nd Sachsen-Tour
  • 3rd Six Days of Leipzig (with Oskar Tietz)
  • 4th Six Days of Brussels (by Jules Verschelden)
  • 6th Paris–Roubaix
  • (abandon) World ( "But? ... It happened at Km. 80. Ronsse was in the lead. Van Hevel at his wheel. Before them, a harnessing of oxen. One of the animals and turn away again with -tail. Ronsse the lead, running alongside a rake ment. He comes over. Jules follows. At 'the moment he passes, the tail stutters — read carefully, dear reader — from the ox to the brake handle on the handlebar, with the result that Van Hevel as mercilessly as the substance is suddenly thrown. He was hurt, hands and legs, and the whole body.")[citation needed]
1929[citation needed]
1930[citation needed]
1931[citation needed]
1932[citation needed]
1933[citation needed]
1936[citation needed]

Museum edit

In the ancient hostelry 'De Engel' at Ichtegem, of the family Maeckelbergh, one can admire a unique collection of Jules Vanhevel. Robert Maeckelbergh was the caretaker of Jules Vanhevel and married his sister Lea.

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