Juhor (Serbian Cyrillic: Јухор, pronounced [jûxɔr]) is a mountain in central Serbia, near the city of Paraćin. Its highest peak Veliki Vetren has an elevation of 774 metres above sea level. It is bordered with river Velika Morava on the east, and territory of Levač on the west.

Veliki Vetren
Juhor is located in Serbia
Location in Serbia
Highest point
Elevation774 m (2,539 ft) [1]
Coordinates43°48′44″N 21°15′51″E / 43.81222°N 21.26417°E / 43.81222; 21.26417Coordinates: 43°48′44″N 21°15′51″E / 43.81222°N 21.26417°E / 43.81222; 21.26417
Locationcentral Serbia

3rd century BC findings in Veliki Vetren including a chest containing some 14 sets of weapons, harness gear, jewellery and clothing accessories characteristic of knights of Dacian and Scordisci origin.[2][3]


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