Judo at the 1984 Summer Olympics – Men's open category

The men's open category competition in judo at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles was held on 11 August at the California State University. The gold medal was won by Yasuhiro Yamashita of Japan.[1]

Men's open category
at the Games of the XXIII Olympiad
VenueCalifornia State University, Los Angeles
Date11 August
Competitors15 from 15 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Yasuhiro Yamashita  Japan
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Mohamed Ali Rashwan  Egypt
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Mihai Cioc  Romania
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Arthur Schnabel  West Germany
← 1980

In his only appearance at the Olympics, four-time world champion Yasuhiro Yamashita tore a right calf muscle in the preliminary match against Arthur Schnabel. This put Yamashita at a huge disadvantage since he executed his throws by pivoting on his right leg. Though he managed to win the match with an Okuri-Eri-Jime, the injury caused him to visibly limp during the semi-final match against Laurent Del Colombo. Yamashita was thrown with an Osoto Gari only 30 seconds into the match, but managed to return an Osoto Gari and won the match with a Yoko-Shiho-Gatame (side four-quarter hold). He played the final match against Mohamed Ali Rashwan of Egypt. Yamashita won the final and the gold medal despite his injury. The match witnessed a remarkable fair play act from Rashwan who did not aim for Yamashita's right leg. Rashwan was even given an award from the International Fairplay Committee.[2]


Pool AEdit

Round of 16 Quarterfinal Semifinal
  Bechir Kiiari (TUN) R
  Mohamed Ali Rashwan (EGY) IPO   Mohamed Ali Rashwan (EGY) IPO
  Juha Salonen (FIN) E   Mihai Cioc (ROU) R
  Mihai Cioc (ROU) IPO   Mohamed Ali Rashwan (EGY) IPO
  Clemens Jehle (SUI) E   Xu Guoqing (CHN) R
  Xu Guoqing (CHN) YUK   Xu Guoqing (CHN) WAZ
  Fred Blaney (CAN) YUS   Fred Blaney (CAN) E
  Dewey Mitchell (USA) E

Pool BEdit

Round of 16 Quarterfinal Semifinal
  Lansana Coly (SEN) R
  Yasuhiro Yamashita (JPN) IPO   Yasuhiro Yamashita (JPN) IPO
  Arthur Schnabel (FRG) YUS   Arthur Schnabel (FRG) R
  Paul Radburn (GBR) E   Yasuhiro Yamashita (JPN) WIP
  Kolbeinn Gíslason (ISL) E   Laurent del Colombo (FRA) R
  Laurent del Colombo (FRA) SOG   Laurent del Colombo (FRA) YUS
  Kim Gwan-hyeon (KOR) E


Repechage Repechage semifinal Repechage final
  Bechir Kiiari (TUN) E
  Mihai Cioc (ROU) IPO
  Mihai Cioc (ROU) IPO  
  Xu Guoqing (CHN) E
Repechage Repechage semifinal Repechage final
  Lansana Coly (SEN) E
  Arthur Schnabel (FRG) IPO
  Arthur Schnabel (FRG) YUS  
  Laurent del Colombo (FRA) E


  Mohamed Ali Rashwan (EGY)  
  Yasuhiro Yamashita (JPN) IPO  

Final classificationEdit

Rank Name Country
  Yasuhiro Yamashita   Japan
  Mohamed Ali Rashwan   Egypt
  Mihai Cioc   Romania
  Arthur Schnabel   West Germany
5T Laurent del Colombo   France
5T Xu Guoqing   China
7T Lansana Coly   Senegal
7T Bechir Kiiari   Tunisia
9T Fred Blaney   Canada
9T Kim Gwan-hyeon   South Korea
11T Juha Salonen   Finland
11T Clemens Jehle   Switzerland
11T Dewey Mitchell   United States
11T Paul Radburn   Great Britain
11T Kolbeinn Gíslason   Iceland


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