Joseph Clemens of Bavaria

Joseph Clemens of Bavaria (German: Joseph Clemens von Bayern) (5 December 1671 – 12 November 1723) was a member of the Wittelsbach dynasty of Bavaria and also served as the Archbishop-Elector of Cologne from 1688 to 1723.

Joseph Clemens of Bavaria
Archbishop of Cologne
ChurchRoman Catholic Church
Term ended1723
Ordination18 December 1705
Consecration1 May 1707
by François Fénelon
Personal details
Born5 December 1671
Died12 November 1723 (aged 51)
Bonn, Cologne, Holy Roman Empire

Biography Edit

The third son of Ferdinand Maria of Bavaria and his wife, Henrietta Adelaide of Savoy, Joseph Clemens was designated by his parents for a life in the church. He became Archbishop of Cologne in 1688 after the death of Maximilian Henry of Bavaria, and his appointment to that post by Pope Innocent XI was one cause of the Nine Years' War. He later also served as Prince-Bishop of Liège, of Regensburg, of Freising and of Hildesheim.

As did his brother Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria, Joseph Clemens allied with France during the War of Spanish Succession and was forced to flee his residence Bonn in 1702 and found refuge at the French court. Joseph Clemens was put under the ban of the Empire and deprived of his lands in 1706.

The war between France and the Empire was finally ended in 1714 with the Treaty of Baden, which restored Joseph Clemens. He died in Bonn, and was buried at the Cologne Cathedral. Joseph Clemens was succeeded by his nephew Clemens August of Bavaria.

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Joseph Clemens of Bavaria
Born: 5 December 1671 in Munich Died: 12 November 1723 in Bonn
German royalty
Catholic Church titles
Regnal titles
Preceded by Prince-Bishop of Freising
Succeeded by
Prince-Bishop of Regensburg
Succeeded by
Preceded by Archbishop-Elector of Cologne and Duke of Westphalia
Preceded by Prince-Bishop of Hildesheim
Preceded by Prince-Bishop of Liège
Succeeded by