Josaiah Ndubuisi Wachuku

Josaiah Ndubuisi Wachuku (also spelled Josiah Wachukwu) was king, paramount chief, servant leader and Eze of Ngwa-land – in the then Aba Division of Eastern Nigeria – during British colonial times.

King Josaiah Ndubuisi WACHUKU of Ngwa-Land 1A.jpg

He was the father of Jaja Wachuku, the first Nigerian speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria, the first Nigerian ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations, and first Nigerian minister of foreign affairs.[1][dead link][unreliable source?] He was the grandfather of Chuku Wachuku, a United States-educated Nigerian economist and management specialist, and Nwabueze Nwokolo, a United Kingdom based lawyer.[citation needed]


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