Joker (1993 film)

Joker is a 1993 Indian Telugu-language comedy film produced by P. Pattabhi Rama Rao and M. Lakshman Kumar Chowdary under the Padma Priya Arts banner[2] and directed by Vamsy.[3] It stars Rajendra Prasad, Vani Viswanath, Baby Shamili and music also composed by Vamsy.[4] The film is a remake of the Malayalam movie Kilukkampetti (1991), which was later remade as Hindi movie Pyaar Impossible! (2010). The film was recorded as a hit at the box office.[5]

Joker (1993 film).jpg
Movie Poster
Directed byVamsy
Produced byP. Pattabhi Rama Rao
M. Lakshman Kumar Chowdary
Gottimukkala Padma Rao (presents)
Written byV. Anandashankaram (dialogues)
Screenplay byVamsy
Story byShaji Kailas
StarringRajendra Prasad
Vani Viswanath
Baby Shamili
Music byVamsy
Edited byUma Shankar Babu
Padma Priya Arts[1]
Release date
  • 1993 (1993)
Running time
131 mins


Balaji (Rajendra Prasad) is a highly talented architect at PADGRO Company, Hyderabad branch. He is a big womanizer, his company is constructing a huge prestigious project at Tirupati branch, which is why he has been relocated to Tirupati. He was supposed to replace his junior named Usha Rani (Vani Viswanath). Usha Rani is a very stubborn woman who hates men. She was not happy about the company's decision: She does not want to move out of Tirupati because of her eight-year-old kid Apple (Baby Shamili), who is the daughter of her sister, the child's father killed his wife and also tried to kill the child.

Balaji comes to Tirupati, sees Usha Rani in a hotel and truly falls in love with her. After that, he leaves all his bad habits and gets each and every bit of information regarding Usha Rani through his assistant Subba Raju (Mallikarjuna Rao) and he is even ready to accept Usha Rani, knowing that she has a child. Apple is a very naughty girl, Usha Rani is not able to get a caretaker as no one is able to handle her. Balaji reaches Usha Rani's house as a caretaker under the name of Joker with the intention of getting her to love him. After entering the job, Balaji develops very much affection towards Apple. What follows are funny situations in which Balaji has to take care of the girl, cook for the family and kids, and hide himself from those at his office.

Eventually, Usha Rani goes to Balaji's house to request him not to take charge in Tirupati and, on seeing him, understands that he had tricked her. But Balaji resigns from his job and appears to have gone back to Hyderabad. Usha Rani starts to understand his love and feels sad. But on reaching her home, she finds that Balaji is back again as Joker. Thus the movie ends on a happy note.



Film score by
LabelAKASH Audio
Vamsy chronology
Kannayya Kittayya
Prema & Co

Music was composed by Vamsy. Lyrics were written by Gurucharan. All songs are hit tracks. Music released on AKASH Music Company.[6]

1."Chamaku Chamaku"SP Balu, Chitra4:13
2."Bandira Poolabandira"SP Balu,Chitra, Malgudi Subha3:48
3."Repanti Roopamkanti"SP Balu, Chitra4:33
4."Andala Bhama"SP Balu, Chitra, Malgudi Subha3:29
5."Paala Navvulalona"SP Balu4:03
6."Puchina Taralu"SP Balu, Chitra4:34
Total length:27:04


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