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John's Other Wife is an American old-time radio soap opera. It was broadcast on NBC-Red from September 14, 1936, until March 1940. In that month it moved to NBC-Blue, where it ran until March 20, 1942.[1]

John's Other Wife
Hanley Stafford 1945.JPG
Hanley Stafford starred as John Perry in John's Other Wife.
GenreSoap opera
Running time15 minutes
Country of originUnited States
StarringHanley Stafford
Matt Crowley
Luis Van Rooten
Richard Kollmar
William Post, Jr.
Joseph Curtin
Adele Ronson
Rtin O'Brien-Moore
Created byFrank and Anne Hummert
Produced byFrank and Anne Hummert
Original releaseSeptember 14, 1936 (1936-09-14) – March 20, 1942 (1942-03-20)
Opening theme"The Sweetest Story Ever Told"
Sponsored byBi-So-Dol
Old English floor wax
Louis Phillipe lipstick


John's Other Wife centered around a store executive, his wife, and a woman who worked for him.[2] The man in the title was John Perry, who owned Perry's Department Store.[3] His insecure wife, Elizabeth, suspected John of being romantically involved with either Annette Rogers, his secretary, or Martha Curtis, his assistant.[4]

The program was one of many soap operas created and produced by Frank Hummert and his wife, Anne.[4]

Sponsors included Bi-So-Dol,[5] Old English floor wax,[6] Louis Phillipe lipstick[7] and Freesone.[8] The theme was "The Sweetest Story Ever Told", by Stanley Davis.[3]

Beginning on May 8, 1939, John's Other Wife was broadcast via electrical transcription on WMCA in New York City in addition to its regular network airings. It was one of eight Blackett-Sample-Hummert programs to do so as a means of increasing New York City coverage for BSH clients.[9]


The program's cast included the actors shown in the table below:

Character Actor
John Perry Hanley Stafford
Matt Crowley
Luis Van Rooten
Richard Kollmar
William Post, Jr.
Joseph Curtin
Elizabeth Perry Adele Ronson
Erin O'Brien-Moore
Martha Curtis Phyllis Welch
Rita Johnson
Roberta Lansing Joan Banks
Annette Franc Hale
Lanny John Kane
Carolyn Prince Elaine Kent
Patricia Holbrook
Grandmother Mary Cecil
Nell Harrison
Virginia Ogden
Dr. Tony Chalmers Alan Bunce
Evelyn Ethel Blume
Molly Irene Hubbard
Lyda Kane
Curt Lansing Alexander Kirkland
Judy Alice Reinheart

Source: Radio Programs, 1924-1984: A Catalog of More Than 1800 Shows[3]


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