Johann Eglof von Knöringen

Johann Eglof von Knöringen (25 July 1537 – 4 June 1575) was Prince-Bishop of Augsburg from 1573 to 1575.


Johann Eglof von Knöringen was born in Kreßberg on July 25, 1537.[1] 1537 was the same year that the Catholic clergy were expelled from the city of Augsburg.[2] When he was 13 years old, he was sent to the University of Ingolstadt.[2] He later studied at the University of Freiburg, where he studied under Heinrich Glarean and Johann Hartung.[2]

In 1553, he received rich benefices in Würzburg, Freising, and Augsburg.[2] In the 1550s, he traveled widely in Rome, Vienna, northern Germany, and the Seventeen Provinces.[2]

He was ordained as a priest in 1561.[1] In 1571, Pope Pius V appointed him protonotary apostolic to deal with the dispute with the Jesuits that had led to violence in Augsburg.[2]

He was elected as Prince-Bishop of Augsburg on May 18, 1573, and Pope Gregory XIII confirmed the appointment on July 31, 1573.[1]

He died in Dillingen an der Donau on June 4, 1575 without ever having been consecrated as a bishop.[1]


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