Jobun of Silla

Jobun of Silla (r. 230–247, died 247), also known by his title Jobun Isageum, was the eleventh king of the Korean state of Silla.[1] He was the grandson of Beolhyu Isageum, and a member of the Seok clan. He was the son of Goljeong with Lady Ongmo, a daughter of Kim Gudo. Lady Ongmo's brother was Michu Isageum.

Jobun of Silla
조분 이사금
Revised RomanizationJobun Isageum
McCune–ReischauerChobun Isagŭm

The Samguk Sagi also reports that the small country of Gammun-guk (near present-day Gimcheon) was conquered by Jobun's general Uro in 231. Japanese forces attacked the capital but Jobun Isageum wins against the Japanese in 232. Golbeol-guk (near present-day Yeongcheon) surrendered in 236. Baekje attacked the western frontier of Silla in 239. Clashes with Goguryeo and Wa took place during Jobun's reign.


  • Grandfather: Beolhyu of Silla (died 196, r. 184–196)
  • Grandmther: Unknown Queen
  • Father: Seok Goljeong (석골정)
  • Mother: Queen Ongmo, of the Park clan (옥모부인 김씨), Gudo Galmunwang (구도 갈문왕)[2]
  • Spouse:
    • Queen Aihye, of the Seok Clan (아이혜부인) , daughter of Naehae of Silla
      • Daughter: Queen Myeongwon, of the Seok clan (명원부인 석씨) – married Seok Uro
      • Daughter: Queen Gwangmyeong (광명부인 석씨), of the Seok Clan – married Michu of Silla
      • Son: Seok Gul-suk (석걸숙)
    • Concubine: Queen Park, of the Park clan (미소부인 박씨), daughter of Naehae of Silla
      • Son: Yurye of Silla (r. 284–298, died 298)– the 14th king of Silla

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Jobun of Silla
 Died: 247
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