Yurye of Silla

Yurye of Silla (r. 284–298, died 298), also known as Yuri or by his official title Yurye Isageum, was the fourteenth ruler of the Korean state of Silla. He was a Seok and the son of King Jobun, but his mother was a Park and a descendant of Bak Hyeokgeose.

Yurye of Silla
유례 이사금
Revised RomanizationYurye Isageum
McCune–ReischauerYurye Isagŭm

The Samguk Sagi relates that Yurye's mother conceived from starlight. It also records repeated invasions from Wa during his reign, and relatively cordial relations with Baekje.


  • Grandfather: Seok Goljeong (석골정)
  • Grandmother: Queen Ongmo, of the Park clan (옥모부인 김씨), Gudo Galmunwang (구도 갈문왕)
  • Father: Jobun of Silla
  • Mother: Queen Park, of the Park clan (미소부인 박씨), daughter of Naehae of Silla

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Yurye of Silla
 Died: 298
Regnal titles
Preceded by Ruler of Silla
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