Jiaxing Catholic Church

Jiaxing Catholic Church (simplified Chinese: 嘉兴天主堂; traditional Chinese: 嘉興天主堂; pinyin: Jiāxīng Tiānzhǔtáng) is a Roman Catholic Church in downtown Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China.

Jiaxing Catholic Church
Jiaxing Catholic Church 01 2013-11.jpg
Jiaxing Catholic Church in November 2013.
Jiaxing Catholic Church is located in Zhejiang
Jiaxing Catholic Church
Jiaxing Catholic Church
Location in Zhejiang
30°46′03″N 120°45′28″E / 30.767368°N 120.757913°E / 30.767368; 120.757913Coordinates: 30°46′03″N 120°45′28″E / 30.767368°N 120.757913°E / 30.767368; 120.757913
LocationJiaxing, Zhejiang
DenominationRoman Catholic
StatusParish church
Founded1902 (1902)
Founder(s)Bu Shijia (步师加)
Functional statusActive
Architectural typeChurch building
StyleGothic architecture
Years built1930
Floor area1,590 m2 (0.00061 sq mi)


Jiaxing Catholic Church was originally built by French priest Bu Shijia (步师加) in 1902, under the Qing dynasty (1644–1911). It was the headquarters of Carmelites in Jiaxing. Construction of the current church, designed by Italian priest Han Rilu (韩日禄), commenced in 1917 and was completed in 1930. During the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards attacked the church and part of it was badly damaged.[1] In March 2005, it was designated as a "Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the Provincial Level" by the Zhejiang government. In May 2013, it was listed among the seventh batch of "Major National Historical and Cultural Sites in Zhejiang" alongside Jiaxing Vincent Abbey by the State Council of China.[2] The restoration of the church will begin in November 2019 and is expected to be completed in December 2020.[3]


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