Javad Uyezd

Javad Uyezd (Russian: Джеватский уезд, Azerbaijani: Cavad qəzası) was the largest administrative unit within the Baku Governorate of the Russian Empire and then of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and Azerbaijan SSR until its formal abolishment in 1929 by the Soviet authorities. The uyezd was located in the central part of the uyezd, bordering the Geokchai and Shamakhi and Baku uyezds to the north, Caspian sea to the east, Lankaran Uyezd to the south and Persia to the west.[2] The administrative center of the uyezd was Salyan.[3] After Azerbaijan SSR was established, the uyezd was renamed to Salyan Uyezd.[4]

Javad Uyezd

Джеватский уезд
Coat of arms of Javad Uyezd
Coat of arms
Baku Governorate Dzhevatsky uezd.svg
CountryRussian Empire
Political statusUyezd
 • Total10,116.9 km2 (3,906.2 sq mi)
 • Total129 367[1]


Javad Uyezd was formed in 1868 as part of the Baku Governorate of the Russian Empire.[5]

It was abolished in 1929 by Soviet authorities.[6]


According to the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary, published in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, 94,690 people lived in the uyezd, mainly Azerbaijanis (then called Tatars)[7]

According to the 1897 Russian Empire census, 90,043 people lived in the uyezd, of which 11,787 were in the city of Salyan.[8] The census recorded 84,054 native speakers of Azerbaijan (the census indicates “tatar”) as the native language and 4,009 russian.[9]

According to the 1926 census, the population of the uyezd was 129,367.[1]

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