Jangsaengpo Whale Museum

Jangsaengpo Whale Museum is a history museum located in Jangsaengpo, Nam-gu, Ulsan, South Korea. It is the only whale museum in South Korea. The museum details Ulsan's history of whaling. Whaling was banned in South Korea in 1986, but whaling artifacts were kept and are now on display in the museum which is built in what was once a central whaling area. It has a 6,946 square metres (74,770 square feet) of floor space and includes a dolphinarium where visitors can watch dolphin acrobatic performances, and a 4D theatre.[1]

Jangsaengpo Whale Museum
Korean name
장생포 고래박물관
Revised RomanizationJangsaengpo Gorae Bangmul-gwan
McCune–ReischauerChangsaengp'o Korae Pangmul-gwan
Established31 May 2005 (2005-05-31)
LocationNam-gu, Ulsan, South Korea
Coordinates35°30′10″N 129°22′51″E / 35.50277°N 129.38080°E / 35.50277; 129.38080Coordinates: 35°30′10″N 129°22′51″E / 35.50277°N 129.38080°E / 35.50277; 129.38080
TypeHistory museum
Nearest car parkOn site, free

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