List of museums in South Korea

There are over 500 museums and galleries in South Korea.[1]

National museumsEdit

Museum Location Site
Buyeo National Museum Buyeo, Chungcheongnam-do
Cheongju National Museum Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do
Chuncheon National Museum Chuncheon, Gangwon-do
Daegu National Museum Hwanggeum-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
Gimhae National Museum Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do
Gongju National Museum Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do
Gyeongju National Museum Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Gwangju National Museum Gwangju
Jeonju National Museum Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do
Jeju National Museum Jeju City
Jinju National Museum Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do
Korea National Arboretum, South Korea
Lighthouse Museum, South Korea
National Museum of Contemporary Art Gwacheon
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul
National Folk Museum of Korea Gyeongbokgung, Seoul
National Maritime Museum, South Korea Dongsam-dong, Yeongdo-gu, Busan
National Museum of Korea Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
National Palace Museum of Korea Deoksugung, Seoul
National Science Museum, South Korea Daejeon

Museums in SeoulEdit

Provincial and private museumsEdit

Museum Location TEL +082 WEB
Museum of Musical Instruments of the World Youngwol, Gangwon–Do 033-372-5909
Aerospace Museum 055-851-6500
Andong Folk Museum 054-821-0649
Andong - Soju & Traditional Food Museum 054-858-4541
Artsonje Museum 054-745-7075
Banglimwon 064-773-0090, 0435
Bokcheon Museum
Boryeong Coal Museum 041-934-1902
Buchon Natural Ecology Museum 032-678-0720
Busan Modern History Museum
Busan Museum 051-624-6341
Bucheon Museum of Education 032-661-1282~3
Bucheon Museum of Suseok 032-655-2900
Changyeong Museum 055-530-2246
Charmsori Gramophone & Edison Museum 033-652-2500
Cheongju Early Printing Museum 043-220-6580,
Cheongju Historic Museum of Baekje 043-263-0107
Cheongju Oengki Museum 043-222-8882
Chiak Folk Museum 033-747-6956
Chocolate Museum (Jejudo) 064-711-3171
Chungju Museum 043-850-5692~4
Currency Museum (South Korea) 042-870-1000
Cyan Museum 054-338-9391
Daecheong Dam Water Culture Center 042-930-7332
Daegwallyeong Museum 033-640-4482
Daehan Textbook Museum 041-861-3141 ~5
Daejeon Art Museum Mannyeon-dong, Seo District, Daejeon 042-602-3200
DaeSeong-Dong Tombs Museum 055-331-2357~8
Daewonsa Tibetan-Buddhism Museum 061-852-3038
Dangrim Art Museum 041-543-6969
Dasan Art Museum 061-371-4111/1300
Deorimi Art Museum 032-933-9297
Dokdo Museum Ulleung County, North Gyeongsang Province 054-790-6432~3
Dongjin Irrigation and Folk Museum 063-540-1114
European Porcelain Museum 032-661-0238
Dongsan Pottery Museum 042-534-3453
Gachon Museum 032-833-4747
Galchon Tal Museum 055-672-2772
Goryeo Celadon Museum Cheongjachon-gil, Daegu-myeon, Gangjin County, South Jeolla Province 061-430-3565
Geoje Folk Museum 055-637-3722
Geoje Museum 055-687-6790
Geumo Folk Museum 054-481-9194
Gongju Folkdrama Museum 041-855-4933
Goseong Dinosaur Museum 055-832-9021
Gyung-Bo Fossil Museum 054-732-8655
Gyeryongsan Natural History Museum 042-820-7500
Gwangju Art Museum 062-529-7123
Haegang Ceramics Museum Icheon, Gyeonggi Province 031-634-2266
Haegeumgang Theme Museum 055-632-0670
Haeinsa Museum 055-934-3150
Hahoe Mask Museum 054-853-2938
Hanbat Museum of Education 042-626-5393~4
Handok Medico-Pharmna Museum 043-530-1004
Hankwang Art Museum 051-469-4111
Hengso Museum
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema Museum 064-764-7777~9
Hyangam Museum 054-787-0001
Incheon Children's Museum 032-432-5600
Incheon Metropolitan City Museum 032-832-2570 /2152
Independence Hall of Korea Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province 041-560-0114
Iron Museum 043-883-2321 [1]
Jangsaengpo Whale Museum Jangsaengpo, Nam District, Ulsan 052-256-6301~2
Jeju-do Folklore & Natural History Museum 064-722-2465
Jeju Education Museum 064-752-9101
Jeju Folk Museum 064-755-1976
Jeju Folk Village Museum 064-787-4501
Jeju Geum-o-dang Art Museum 064-747-8931
Jeju Teddy Bear Museum 064-738-7600
Jeollanamdo Agricultural Museum 061-462-2796~9
Jeongju Historical Museum 063-228-6485~6
Jikji Museum of Buddhist Arts 054-436-6009
Jincheon Bell Museum 043-539-3847~8
Junwon Art Museum 032-934-3560
Korea Comics Museum 032-661-3745~6
Korea Silk Museum 043-236-1321
Kyungpook National University Museum
Kwangju Folk Museum 062-521-9041
Liquorium 043-855-7332~3
Manhae Museum Hongseong, Chungcheongnam-do 031-744-3100
Manhae Museum 033-462-2304
Mireuksa Museum Iksan, Jeollabuk-do 063-836-7804 /840-3772
Miribeol Folk Museum 055-391-2882
Miryang Municipal Museum 055-354-3294
Mu Leung Museum 033-763-1534
Mungyeongsaejae Museum 054-572-4000
Mungyong Coal Museum Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do 054-550-6424
Museum of African Art, South Korea Seogwipo, Jeju-do 064-738-6565
Museum of cadastre and Local History 043-651-5115
Museum of Korean Culture Incheon International Airport
Museum of Natural Dye Art 053-743-4300
Museum of Won Buddhism History 063-850-3240
Naju pear Museum Naju 061-331-5038
Nampo Art Gallery 061-832-0003
Nangye Jorean Classical Music Museum 043-742-8843
Nexon Computer Museum
Ojukheon & Gangneung Municipal Museum 033-640-4482
okgwa Art Museum 061-363-7278
On Yang Folk Museum 041-542-6001
O'sulloc Tea House Museum 064-794-5312
Pan Asia Paper Museum 063-210-8101
The POSCO Museum Pohang 054-220-7720
Samcheok Municipal Museum 033-575-0768
Sculpture Park of Keumkuwon 063-584-6770
Seogwipo Citrus Museum 064-735-3381
Shin Museum of Art 043-264-5545
Songgwangmae Memorial Museum 053-981-4562
Sound Island Museum 064-739-7782
Space Mom Museum 043-263-7767
Sudeoksa Museum 041-337-2902
Sunwha Christian Museum of Art 042-525-3141
Taebaek Coal Museum 033-552-7730
Taeyeong Folk Museum 041-754-7942
Tongdosa Museum 055-382-1001
Ui-Jae Art Museum 062-222-3040
Uiryong Museum 055-570-2230
Ulsan Museum Nam-gu, Ulsan 052-222-8501~3
Ulsan Science Museum Nam-gu, Ulsan 052-220-1700~1701
Woljeongsa Museum 033-334-1817
Woodblock Prints Museum 033-761-7885
Woojaegil Art Museum 062-224-6601
Woongjin Education Museum 041-853-4569
Yanggu Prehistoric Museum 033-480-2677
Yeo Jin Budda Gallery 042-934-8466[permanent dead link]
Yeongi Folk Museum 041-862-7449
Yong-il Folk Museum 054-261-2798
Youngwol Book Museum 033-372-1713

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