Jabal Yar

Jabal Yār (Arabic: جَبَل يَار‎) is a small basaltic volcanic field in Saudi Arabia, near the border with Yemen. It is the southernmost (young) volcanic field in Saudi Arabia. The field is rich in olivine.[1]

Jabal Yar
Highest point
Elevation305 m (1,001 ft)
Native nameجَبَل يَار  (Arabic)
LocationSaudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 17°03′N 42°50′E / 17.05°N 42.83°E / 17.05; 42.83
Mountain typeVolcanic field
Last eruption1810 ± 10 years


The field is located near the Red Sea, in the southwest of the country. The field contains three groups of volcanoes ('Ukwatain, Qummatain and Djar'attain-Harra). The area is still very active. South of Djar'attain and between it and 'Ukwatain, hot springs are present.[1]


The only eruption at the field took place in 1810 ± 10 (give or take 10 years). It was a small (VEI 2) explosive eruption that produced lava flows.[citation needed]

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