Izaku Castle (伊作城, Izaku-jō) was a castle structure in Hioki, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.[1]

Izaku Castle
Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Kamemaru jo compound of Izaku Castle
Izaku Castle is located in Kagoshima Prefecture
Izaku Castle
Izaku Castle
Izaku Castle is located in Japan
Izaku Castle
Izaku Castle
Coordinates31°30′49.702″N 130°21′47.498″E / 31.51380611°N 130.36319389°E / 31.51380611; 130.36319389
TypeHirayama-style castle
Site information
OwnerShimazu clan
Site history
Built13th century
Built byUnknown
Garrison information
Shimazu Tadayoshi, Shimazu Takahisa

The date of the castle's construction is unknown, but it is believed that the castle was built by Shimazu Hisanaga in the thirteenth century.[2] It was the original seat of power for the Shimazu clan until 1536, when Shimazu Takahisa relocated the clan leadership to Ichiuji Castle. It was famously the birthplace of the warlords Shimazu Tadayoshi, Shimazu Yoshihisa and Shimazu Yoshihiro.[1][3][4][5]

Owing to its significance to the clan, Izaku castle was retained as a stronghold until 1615.[4] The castle is now only ruins, with nothing but some moats and earthworks remaining.[1]

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