Ichiuji Castle (一宇治城, Ichiuji-jō) is a castle structure in Hioki, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.[1] Ichiuji Castle is also called Ijūin Castle.[2]

Ichiuji Castle
Hioki, Kagoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Dry Moat of Ichiuji Castle
Ichiuji Castle is located in Kagoshima Prefecture
Ichiuji Castle
Ichiuji Castle
Ichiuji Castle is located in Japan
Ichiuji Castle
Ichiuji Castle
Coordinates31°37′47.24″N 130°23′21.01″E / 31.6297889°N 130.3891694°E / 31.6297889; 130.3891694
TypeHirayama-style castle
Site information
OwnerIjuin clan, Shimazu clan
Site history
Built byIjuin clan
Garrison information
Shimazu Tadayoshi, Shimazu Takahisa

History edit

Ichiuji Castle was built by the Ijuin clan and was later controlled by the Shimazu clan. In 1536, Shimazu Takahisa moved the original base of power for the Shimazu clan from Izaku Castle. But Shimazu Takahisa moved to Uchi Castle in 1550.[3][1][2][4] In 1549, Francis Xavier visited the castle to meet Shimazu Takahisa.[3]

Ijūin city from the castle

Current edit

The castle is now only ruins, with some moats and earthworks. Francis Xavier`s Statue is on site.[1]

Access edit

About 20 minutes walk from Ijuin Station.[2]

References edit

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