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Islamic Society of Engineers

The Islamic Society of Engineers (ISE) (Persian: جامعهٔ اسلامی مهندسین‎, Jāme'-e eslāmī-ye mohandisīn) is a principlist political organization of engineers in Iran. Formerly one of the parties aligned with the Combatant Clergy Association,[1] it is close to the Islamic Coalition Party, whose decisions they mostly follow. It is questionable whether it is an independent and strong party.[3]

Islamic Society of Engineers
Secretary-GeneralMohammad Reza Bahonar
Founded1988; 31 years ago (1988)[1]
LegalisedMay 28, 1991; 28 years ago (1991-05-28)[2]
HeadquartersTehran, Iran
NewspaperJAM weekly[1]
Political positionRight-wing[3]
National affiliationFront of Followers of the Line of the Imam and the Leader[4]
Electoral alliances

The Society was formed at the end of the Iran–Iraq War (1988) with the objective of elevating the Islamic, political, scientific and technical knowledge of the Muslim people of Iran, defending major freedoms such as freedom of expression and gatherings, as well as continued campaign against foreign cultural agents whether Eastern or Western materialism.[1]


Party leadersEdit

Name Tenure Ref
Hassan Ghafourifard 1988–2000
Mohammad Reza Bahonar 2000–

Current officeholdersEdit

Parliament members


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