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Ishwarsena was the founder of the Abhira dynasty. He and his descendants, whose names do not occur in the Puranas, seem to have ruled over a large territory in the Deccan.[1] He took the title of Rajan and an era was named after him. His descendants ruled for nine generations.[citation needed]



A number of feudatories of the Abhiras ruled in various parts of Maharashtra. One such dynasty founded by Ishwarsena is known from an inscription in cave XVII at Ajanta which mentions Ashmaka in verse 10.[2][3]

Kalchuri-chedi eraEdit

Ishwarsena started an era which later became known as the Kalachuri-Chedi era.[1]


Coins of Ishwarsena are dated only in the first and second years of his reign and are found only in Saurashtra and Southern Rajputana.[4][5]


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