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MNC Vision

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MNC Vision is a subscription-based direct broadcast satellite (DBS) or direct-to-home satellite television and radio service initially in Indonesia. MNC Vision is currently owned by PT MNC Skyvision Tbk (IDXMSKY).

MNC Vision
Type Satellite television
Country Indonesia
Availability National
Motto Bukan yang lain
(Nothing Else)
Owner PT MNC Sky Vision Tbk
Launch date
January 1994 (as Indovision)[1]
December 12, 2017 (as MNC Vision)
Group Global Mediacom
Official website



MNC Vision began operations in January 1994 as Indovision.[1]

Indovision started its service with five-channel C-Band Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) analog service. Using Palapa C-2 satellite for its transponder and broadcasting system, the C-Band DBS service features programming from international suppliers, such as HBO Asia, Star TV, Discovery, as well as local programming. Following in 1997, IndoStar-1 which also known as Cakrawarta-1 was launched as the world's first commercial communications satellite to use S-band frequencies for broadcast (pioneered by van der Heyden), which efficiently penetrate the atmosphere and provide high-quality transmissions to small-diameter 80 cm antennas in regions that experience heavy rainfall such as Indonesia. Similar performance is not economically feasible with comparable Ku- or C-band DTH satellite systems since more power is required in these bands to penetrate the moist atmosphere.

This satellite uses S-Band frequency, which are less vulnerable to atmospheric interference than C-Band frequency, and are well suited to the tropical climate such as Indonesia. Cakrawarta-1 is managed and operated by PT Media Citra Indostar (MCI), a subsidiary of PT Indosat Tbk which was established on July 22, 1991.[1]

The S-Band DBS service substantially has increased programming line-up and has expanded the company's subscriber base using smaller and less expensive satellite dishes with only 80 cm in diameter. Then, by the end of 1997, the company anticipated terminating its analog service and encouraged its subscribers to switch to its new digital DBS service. This digital system allows Indovision to deliver superior audio and video quality to its subscribers.[1]

In May 2009, Indovision launched a new satellite named Indostar-2/Cakrawarata-2/ProtoSar-2. It was later renamed to SES-7 in May 2010.[2][3][4]

Currently, MNC Vision has 5 channels in high-definition, including HBO HD, Fox Movies Premium HD, National Geographic Channel HD, Disney XD HD, & Fox Sports 3 HD.

On December 12, 2017, Indovision was rebranded as MNC Vision.


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