Immilla of Turin

Immilla (also Emilia, Immula, Ermengard or Irmgard) (born c.1020, died January 1078)[1] was a duchess consort of Swabia by marriage to Otto III, Duke of Swabia, and a margravine of Meissen by marriage to Ekbert I of Meissen. She was regent of Meissen during the minority of her son Ekbert II.

Immilla of Turin
Bornc. 1020
Noble familyArduinici
FatherUlric Manfred II of Turin
MotherBertha of Milan


Immilla was the daughter of Ulric Manfred II of Turin and Bertha of Milan and thereby a member of the Arduinici dynasty. Her older sister was Adelaide of Susa.

Her first husband was Otto III, Duke of Swabia, whom she married c.1036.[2] After Otto's death in September 1057,[3] Immilla married again (c.1058). Her second husband was Ekbert I of Meissen.[4]

In 1067, shortly before his death, Ekbert I attempted to repudiate Immilla in order to marry Adela of Louvain, daughter of Lambert II, Count of Louvain and the widow of Otto I, Margrave of Meissen.[5] After Ekbert's death in 1068, Immilla spent some time at the imperial court with her niece Bertha, before returning to Italy.[6] It is possible that she acted as regent for her young son, Ekbert II, at this time.[7]

Immilla died in Turin in January 1078. She is sometimes said to have become a nun before her death.[8]

Marriages and childrenEdit

With her first husband, Otto, Immilla had five daughters:

With her second husband, Ekbert I, Immilla had the following children:


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Immilla of Turin
Born: c. 1020 Died: January 1078
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Unknown daughter of Hugh IV of Egisheim
Duchess of Swabia
Succeeded by
Preceded by Margravine of Meissen
Succeeded by
Oda of Weimar