Lambert II, Count of Louvain

Lambert II (died Tournai, 19 June 1054) was count of Leuven between 1033 and 1054. Lambert was the son of Lambert I of Louvain (d. 1015).

Lambert II
Count of Louvain
Died19 June 1054
Noble familyHouse of Reginar
Spouse(s)Oda of Verdun
IssueHenry II, Count of Louvain
FatherLambert I, Count of Louvain
MotherGerberga of Lower Lorraine

According to the Vita Gudilae (recorded between 1048–1051) he followed his brother Henry I of Louvain. Lambert scorned both temporal and spiritual authorities and in 1054 even took up arms against Holy Roman Emperor Henry III. He was defeated and lost his life at Tournai.

During his reign Brussels began its growth. Lambert arranged to transfer the remains of Saint Gudula to the St. Michael's church. This church, thereafter known as the Saints Michael and Gudula Church, later became the St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral. Lambert also constructed a fortress on the Coudenberg hill.

Since Lambert II died in 1054, an imperial charter of September 1062 connecting a certain Lambert to the county Brussels, is probably referring to another person.


Lambert of Louvain married Uda of Lorraine (also called Oda of Verdun), daughter of Gothelo I, Duke of Lorraine. Their children were: