Ilova (Sava)

Ilova is a river in central Croatia, a left tributary of the Sava. It is 104.6 kilometres (65.0 mi) long and its basin covers an area of 1,796 square kilometres (693 sq mi).[1]

Physical characteristics
 • location
 • coordinates
45°20′56″N 16°46′21″E / 45.3489°N 16.7726°E / 45.3489; 16.7726Coordinates: 45°20′56″N 16°46′21″E / 45.3489°N 16.7726°E / 45.3489; 16.7726
Length104.6 km (65.0 mi) [1]
Basin size1,796 km2 (693 sq mi) [1]
Basin features
ProgressionSavaDanubeBlack Sea

Ilova rises in the hilly areas of eastern Bilogora, south of Virovitica and Suhopolje, and flows towards the southwest, forming a series of lakes near Veliki Zdenci. It turns to the south near Garešnica, where there are another set of lakes at the confluence with the river Toplica that rises in Papuk. It then turns westward to pass near the eponymous village of Ilova south of Kutina, and then flows into the Sava in the eastern part of Lonjsko Polje nature park, about 3 km downstream from the mouth of the Lonja.


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