Ik Tara (Punjabi: ਇਕ ਤਾਰਾ), also spelled as Iktara or sometimes Ektara', was the first LP record of Kuldeep Manak released by HMV in 1976.[1][2] It was released after about one year of recording as the record manager of HMV, Zaheer Ahmad, delayed[3] its release as he was frightened the record would not do well in the market.

Ik Tara
Studio album by
Released1976 (1976)
GenrePunjabi folk


Kesar Singh Narula composed the music and the lyricists mainly includes Dev Tharike Wala (also known as Hardev Dilgir).[3][4]

Track listEdit

The songs are:

  • Tere Tille Ton (Kali)
  • Chheti Kar Sarwan Bachcha
  • Chithian Sahiban Jatti Ne
  • Mere Yaar Nu Manda Na Bolin
  • Kaulan
  • Garh Mughlane Dian Naaran


The record was a huge success[3] specially the kali, Tere Tille Ton, established Manak as Kalian Da Badshah[1][5] (English: King of Kalis) although he sang only about 13 kalis in his career.

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