Ibani tribe

The Ibani tribe lives in southern Rivers State, Nigeria. Bonny Town is the tribal seat, although the Bonny civil war of the 19th century led to the establishment of a rival capital in Opobo. The tribe has a strong central authority structure and a long-established royal lineage.

Bonny's development was also shaped by the tribe's close interaction with European traders. The Kingdom of Bonny was a major trading center from the 16th century onwards. The cult of the iguana (or ikuba) also features strongly in Bonny cultural traditions. The indigenes of Bonny and Opobo kingdoms are collectively known as the Ibani people. They speak the Ibani dialect of the Ijaw language. Historically, Bonny frequently engaged in wars against its nearby rivals, such as Elem Kalabari and Andoni.[1]

Other important Ibani settlements include Finima, Abalama, and Oloma.


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