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Ian Yule (1933 — 3 December 2020[citation needed]) is a British born South African actor and former soldier. He had a film career that commenced in the late 1960s and lasted to around the early to mid 2000s. Many of the roles he has played are that of a soldier. The films he has appeared in include Killer Force, in 1976, One Way also released in 1976, Golden Rendezvous in 1977, The Wild Geese in 1978, —Safari 3000 in 1982, City of Blood in 1983, and many more. He was also a stuntman in a few films. He also was a screenwriter and wrote some screen plays including Shamwari in which he starred opposite Ken Gampu. He was a well known actor in South Africa.

Ian Yule
Great Britain
Died03.12.2020[citation needed]
Great Britain
Occupationsoldier, actor, screenwriter


Ian Yule was born in the UK some time before the second world war.[1] During his career he was a member of the British Army's Royal Artillery[citation needed], Parachute Regiment[citation needed] and Special Air Service[citation needed] and served in the Korean War, taking part in the Battle of Inchon[citation needed] and Battle of Chosin Reservoir[citation needed], and later served in the Rhodesian Security Forces and South African Defence Force as well as serving as a mercenary in Mad Mike Hoare's outfit (the film the Wild Geese is based on Hoare's exploits).[2][3] As an actor in the action genre he was recognised for his accomplishments.[4]

Film careerEdit


Yule's first association with films goes back to the 1950s when he had a role as a stuntman in the 1959 film Ben-Hur.[5] He also did stunt work in The Longest Day which was released in 1962.[6] His early acting roles included playing the part of Andy Wilson in 1967 film Wild Season which was directed by Emil Nofal.[7] In 1968, he had a recurring role as Freddy in the television series Schatzsucher unserer Tage which was directed by Rolf von Sydow.[8][9]


He played the part of Trooper Dillon in the David Millin directed Shangani Patrol which was released in 1970.[10] In the 1978 Wild Geese, playing the part of Sgt. Tosh Donaldson, he was part of a cast that included Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris.[11][12] Yule introduced Col. "Mad" Mike Hoare to Wild Geese producer Euan Lloyd. Hoare was a soldier of fortune and had made a sound impression on Lloyd. He became the military advisor for the film and added to realism of the film.[13]

Starring opposite Ken Gampu, he appeared in the 1982 film Shamwari. The film bore a similarity to an earlier film, The Defiant Ones that starred Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis. Like the characters in that film, there is racial hatred between the two of them. They escape from a chain gang detail. To survive they have to get rid of their hatred for each other.[14] Yule was led to believe that the film was a flop, however John Hume who produced the film was marketing it under a different name and making money from it.[15]

In 1986, he appeared as Bill Smith in the film Jake Speed.[16] He played the part of Max Wharton in the 1988 film, City of Blood.[17]


He played the part of Harvey in the 1995 film Cyborg Cop III which was directed by Yossi Wein.[18] In the 1999 film Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target, he played the part of General Hightower.[19]

Possibly his last film was Der weiße Afrikaner [de] which was released in 2004.[20]

Later yearsEdit

In mid-December 2015, Yule arrived in the UK, Heathrow, from South Africa. He was in poor health and destitute. He had a carry bag, a couple of shirts & underwear and his knobkerrie walking sticks. He was met and collected from the airport by a volunteer, who had been moved by his plight, and subsequently cared for him for some 2 months.

After being helped by one organisation, the South African Legion, the SSAFA were instrumental in getting him the care he required for his heart problems and severe arthritis. He was later hospitalised at St Richard's Hospital in Chichester.[21]


Films Actor
Title Role Director Year Notes #
Wild Season Andy Wilson Emil Nofal 1967
The Professor and the Beauty Queen Ed, henchman 2 Jamie Uys 1967
Dr Kalie Wall of Death barker Ivan Hall 1968
Majuba: Heuwel van Duiwe Deserter David Millin 1968
Danie Bosman: Die verhaal van die grootste S.A. komponis Patrick, barman Elmo de Witt 1969
Scotty & Co. Snowy Peter Henkel 1970
Stop Exchange Lefty Howard Rennie 1970
Satan's Harvest Jonas Wade / Jake Wade George Montgomery 1970
Banana Beach David Millin 1970
Shangani Patrol Trooper Dillon David Millin 1970
Vengeance Cops Con Cavallas Ivan Hall 1971
Die Banneling Dekker David Millin 1971
The Winners Andy Wilson Emil Nofal, Roy Sargeant 1972
Dog Squad Andy Wilson Tim Spring 1973
The Big Game Task Force Leader Robert Day 1973
Vreemde Wêreld Homicidal mental patient Jürgen Goslar 1974
Olie Kolonie Neil Hetherington 1975
Sell A Million Knuckles Ian Hamilton 1975
De Wet's Spoor Maj. Coleridge Howard Rennie 1975
Killer Force Edward Woods Val Guest 1976
One Way Stiffy Sidney Hayers 1976
My Way II Jans Rautenbach 1972
Golden Rendezvous McCloskey Ashley Lazarus 1977
Mister Deathman Bill Michael D. Moore 1977
The Wild Geese Tosh Donaldson Andrew V. McLaglen 1978
Zulu Dawn Cpl. Fields Douglas Hickox 1979
Safari 3000 Freddie Selkirk Harry Hurwitz 1982
Shamwari Bill Matthews Clive Harding 1982
For King and Country Sergeant Major Bob Hird 1983 TV film
The Lion's Share Scotty Norman Cohen 1985 voice only
Jake Speed Bill Smith Andrew Lane 1986
City of Blood Max Wharton Darrell Roodt 1987
Rage to Kill Roy Slade David Winters 1988
Diamond in the Rough Ian Richard Oleksiak 1988
River of Death Long John Silver Steve Carver 1989
Accidents Warren Zimmer Gideon Amir 1989
Young Survivors Ginger Douglas Bristow 1990
The Lost World Peterson Timothy Bond 1992
Return to the Lost World Peterson Timothy Bond 1992
Point of Impact Martin Cullen Bob Misiorowski 1993
Dark Desires: Thelma Sam Garfield Jean-Louis Daniel 1994 TV film
Lunarcop Lester Boaz Davidson 1995
Cyborg Cop III Harvey Yossi Wein 1995
Warhead Colonel No. 1 Mark Roper 1996
Orion's Key Odd Job Mark Roper 1996
Ernest Goes to Africa Ol' Man at Flea Market John R. Cherry III 1997
Merchant of Death Carl Pembroke Yossi Wein 1997
Black Velvet Band Yeoman Warder Robert Knights 1998 TV film
Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target General Alan Hightower Mark Roper 1998
Cold Harvest Marshall Isaac Florentine 1999
Traitor's Heart Jack (barman) Danny Lerner 1999
Die Spesenritter Jörg Grünler 1999 TV film
Zugvögel der Liebe George Richard Engel 2001 TV film
Check-in to Disaster Wim Vanderbourgh Uwe Frießner 2001 TV film
Der weiße Afrikaner [de] Land Owner, Madagascar Martin Enlen 2004 TV film[22]
Films Writer
Title Role Director Year Notes #
Shamwari story and screenplay Clive Harding 1982
Space Mutiny Writer (unaccredited) David Winters 1988
Rage to Kill Co-writer David Winters 1988
Return to Justice Original screenplay Vincent G. Cox 1990
Tolla is Tops Co-writer Elmo de Witt 1990
River of Diamonds Co-writer Robert J. Smawley 1991 [23]
Television Actor
Title Episode Role Director Year Notes #
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Der gelbe Aktenkoffer Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Schüsse in der Savanne Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Die Farm der Mrs. Collins Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Die Polizeipatrouille Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Der große Fund Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Die Hängebrücke Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Rivalen Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Öl im Kral Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Die einsame Insel Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Notruf aus der Teufelsschlucht Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Die Geisterstadt Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Schatzsucher unserer Tage Gefährliche Heimkehr Freddy Rolf von Sydow 1968
Dr. med. Mark Wedmann – Detektiv inbegriffen Station ohne Hoffnung Jack Alfredo Medori 1974
Härte 10 [de] Piet Gordon Flemyng 1975 Mini series
John Ralling – Abenteuer um Diamanten In jenen frühen Tagen Erich Neureuther 1975
Les diamants du président ? Claude Boissol [fr] 1977 Mini series
The Riverman ? Jim Ivan Hall 1983 Mini series
1922 Ivan Macready Edgar Bold 1984
Auf Achse Konvoi Georg Hartmut Griesmayr 1983
Tarzan: The Epic Adventures Tarzan and the Moon God Manian William Tannen 1997 [24]


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