I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (Japanese: 君の膵臓をたべたい, Hepburn: Kimi no Suizō o Tabetai), also known as Let Me Eat Your Pancreas, is a novel by the Japanese writer Yoru Sumino. Initially serialized as a web novel in the user-generated site Shōsetsuka ni Narō in 2014, the book was published in print in 2015 by Futabasha. A manga adaptation ran from 2016 to 2017. A live-action film titled Let Me Eat Your Pancreas premiered in 2017, and an anime film adaptation titled I Want to Eat Your Pancreas on 1 September 2018.

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas
Kimi no Suizō o Tabetai cover.jpg
The cover of the novel.
(Kimi no Suizō o Tabetai)
Serial novel
Written byYoru Sumino
Published byShōsetsuka ni Narō
Written byYoru Sumino
Illustrated byloundraw
Published byFutabasha
English publisher
PublishedJune 19, 2015
Illustrated byIzumi Kirihara
Published byFutabasha
English publisher
Seven Seas Entertainment
MagazineMonthly Action
Original runAugust 25, 2016May 25, 2017
Live-action film
Let Me Eat Your Pancreas
Anime film
Directed byShin'ichirō Ushijima
Produced byKeiji Mita
Written byShin'ichirō Ushijima
Music byHiroko Sebu
StudioStudio VOLN
Licensed by
ReleasedSeptember 1, 2018 (2018-09-01)
Runtime108 minutes
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Haruki comes across a book in a hospital waiting room. He soon discovers that it is a diary kept by his very popular classmate, Sakura, who reveals to him that she is secretly suffering from a fatal pancreatic illness. They become friends and spend time with each other. She eventually makes a promise that she'll tell him when she's dying. The next night, Haruki is watching the news with his family, which reveals that Sakura was stabbed on her way home and that she is dead. He breaks down and does not attend her funeral. Later, he visits her mother and asks for Sakura's diary. Her mother recognizes him, and reveals Sakura left a letter for him. The letter tells him to keep the diary and to make her best friend Kyouko read it, as she was unaware of Sakura's illness and hated Haruki. Soon after Haruki reads the letter, he immediately breaks down into tears as he never felt so much sorrow for a single person before. Before leaving, Sakura's mother asks for his name. He replies "Haruki" to which she replies, "so you two were meant to be," explaining the meaning of their names, Haruki (spring tree) and Sakura (cherry blossom). He meets with Kyouko, who is in denial that Sakura ever lied to her, but after reading the diary she runs away. Haruki runs after and asks her to be his friend, for it was Sakura who made him open up to people and he wants to honor her memory. The movie ends with Haruki and Kyouko visiting Sakura's grave a year later, the two of them having become friends.


"Me" (「僕」, "Boku") / Haruki Shiga (志賀春樹, Shiga Haruki)
Voiced by: Mahiro Takasugi[2] (Japanese); Robbie Daymond[3] (English)
Sakura Yamauchi (山内桜良, Yamauchi Sakura)
Voiced by: Lynn[2] (Japanese); Erika Harlacher[3] (English)
Kyoko (恭子, Kyōko)
Voiced by: Yukiyo Fujii[2] (Japanese); Kira Buckland[3] (English)
Takahiro (隆弘)
Voiced by: Yuma Uchida[2] (Japanese); Kyle McCarley[3] (English)
Sakura's mother (桜良の母, Sakura no haha)
Voiced by: Emi Wakui[2] (Japanese); Dorah Fine[3] (English)



Yoru Sumino originally published the novel as a web novel on the user-generated content site Shōsetsuka ni Narō in 2014, before Futabasha republished it with cover art by loundraw on June 19, 2015 (ISBN 978-4-575-23905-8).[1][4] English publisher Seven Seas Entertainment announced their license to the novel on March 15, 2018, and it was released on November 20, 2018.[5]


Izumi Kirihara began serializing a manga adaptation in Futabasha's Monthly Action magazine on August 25, 2016,[6][1] and ended the series on May 25, 2017.[7] The chapters were compiled into two collected tankōbon volumes, published on February 10, 2017 (ISBN 978-4-575-84925-7),[8] and June 20, 2017 (ISBN 978-4-575-84993-6).[9] The manga is also licensed by Seven Seas, who released the first volume on January 22, 2019.[5]

Live-action filmEdit

A Japanese live-action film based on the novel, titled Let Me Eat Your Pancreas,[10] starring Takumi Kitamura and Minami Hamabe in the lead roles premiered in Japan on July 28, 2017.[1] The film was also shown in South Korea at the Busan International Film Festival in October 2017,[11] and in Malaysia on November 9, 2017, where it was distributed by GSC Movies.[12]

Anime filmEdit

A Japanese animated film adaptation of the novel, titled I Want to Eat Your Pancreas,[3] was announced in August 2017.[1]

The film is written for the screen and directed by Shin'ichirō Ushijima and produced by Keiji Mita at Studio VOLN,[13] with music composed by Hiroko Sebu.[13] Yūichi Oka provides the character designs and serves as chief supervising animator. Yukako Ogawa is the background supervisor and is assisted by Yoshito Watanabe. Sound effects are produced by Noriko Izumo under the direction of Jōji Hata. Compositing for the film was supervised by Hiroshi Saitō and directed by Mayuko Koike. Koremi Kishi serves as the 3D CG director, and Yoshinori Horikawa is the color designer. The film is edited by Yumi Jingugi.[13]

The film's theme song is "Fanfare" (ファンファーレ) and the ending is "Shunkashūtō" (春夏秋冬, transl. The Four Seasons). Both songs are by the band Sumika, who also played voice acting roles in the film.[14]

The film is distributed by Aniplex in Japan, and premiered in theaters on September 1, 2018.[15][13] Aniplex of America announced at Anime Expo 2018 that they would release the film theatrically in North America,[16] premiering it at the Animation Is Film Festival in Los Angeles on October 21, 2018.[17] Aniplex of America later announced at Anime NYC 2018 that the film would be screened in the United States subtitled on February 7, 2019, and with an English dub on February 10, 2019, in collaboration with Fathom Events.[18] Madman Entertainment announced at SMASH! 2018 they would be releasing the film in Australia and New Zealand,[19] premiering the film at Madman Anime Festival in Melbourne on September 16, 2018,[20] with a wider release premiering from October 18, 2018.[21] In the United Kingdom, the film premiered at Scotland Loves Anime on October 14, 2018,[22] winning the Audience Award at the festival,[23] and is distributed by Manga Entertainment in the region.[24]


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