The Hyundai Xcient is a South Korean truck made by Hyundai Motor Company. It was presented at the Seoul Motor Show 2013 as the successor of Hyundai Trago.[5]

Hyundai Xcient
Hyundai Xcient Dump 25.5ton Front Side.jpg
Also calledHyundai Trago Xcient
Inokom Xcient
ProductionJeonju, South Korea (Hyundai Motors Jeonju)[1]

Ziyang, China (Sichuan Hyundai)[2][3]

Kaliningrad, Russia (Avtotor)[4]
EngineH engine (D6HB38) (Max. power: 380 ps, Max. Torque: 160 kg·m, Displacement: 9,960 cc, Euro 3), Powertec engine (D6CC41) (Max. power: 410 ps, Max. Torque: 188 kg·m, Displacement: 12,920 cc, Euro 4) Q engine (D6AC) (Max. power: 340 ps, Max. Torque: 140 kg·m, Displacement: 11,149 cc, Euro 1)
PredecessorHyundai Trago
Hyundai Xcient Cargo euro6 540
Hyundai Xcient 6x2 tractor

Configuration and technologyEdit

All previous Hyundai commercial vehicles were either based on Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation models, or were based on Japanese design, like its predecessor, Trago. The Xcient was developed during 3 years at a cost of 200 billion Won. Compared its predecessor, it features increased cabin space and modernized driver comfort equipment.[6]

At introduction , Hyundai offers two engine variants, a 10.1-liter (common-rail injection) diesel engine with 414 hp and a top-of-the-line 12.7-liter version with 520 hp.[6] The Xcient is available with engine powers ranging from 360 to 520 hp in Euro III and Euro IV variants, with a 12 or 16 speed dual-clutch transmission.[3] The Xcient offers offers a total interior volume of more than 1,000 liters for the 3.92 meter high roof version.

A level 3 autonomous version is in development by Hyundai.[7]


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