Internet Movie Cars Database

Internet Movie Cars Database, often abbreviated as IMCDb, is an online database of auto, motorcycle and other motor vehicle appearances in films.[1][2][3][4] The website was created along the lines of Internet Movie Database in 2004.

Internet Movie Cars Database
Type of site
Online database
Available inEnglish, French, German
OwnersAntoine Potten (2005-)
Current statusActive


The project was founded in 2004 by a French web developer, quickly helped by Belgian programmer Antoine Potten, who took over the project completely in 2005, to compile information about vehicles used in films. As of July 2021, more than 60,000 movies and series were analyzed and more than 800,000 vehicles were identified, including those used in alternate endings and cut scenes. As of July 2021, there were 5,274 brands of vehicles listed on the website, as well as more than 52 thousand vehicles waiting for a proper identification.[5]


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